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April 21, 2019 English Language

My mother tongue is Punjabi, which was the primary language that was spoken in our house. My both parents were working , they wanted me to communicate in English as in school English was the medium of education, all the core subjects were taught in English but I always enjoyed talking in my native language Punjabi.
My father was in transferable job so my parents decided to put me into convent school. As I grew up, it became necessary to communicate in English being a part of convent school. There was a rule in my school to pay fine if we communicate in any other language apart from English. It was not easy for me pick up the language till grade 7, as I used to translate and frame the sentences from my native language to English. I was also not able to pronounce the words in proper manner due to mother tongue influence. I was even lagging behind in building up vocabulary.
My school environment t, disciplinary rules and teachers positive mentoring reanimate the love for English language in me. I was able to improve my pronunciation skills. Under the proper guidance my understanding and vocabulary got improved.
When I joined my first company, I was told about my pronunciation errors and I got a formal training from them , they helped me to correct my pronunciation on V’s and W’s. After that training my communication skills got improved. My interaction with the trainers made me more fluent and since then I can speak fluently and can read and write as well.
As per my experience I would say learning English language formally was more effective because it was based on different programs as compared to informal one. My formal experience made me to understand the different aspects of language such as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.


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