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My high school field has a significant influence on my life. During my time in high school, much time was placed on excelling academically. Besides this, there was the aspect of building my athletic skills. Having an interest in football, I enjoyed seeing how the coach would coordinate the plays in the field. I have tried to join football but was disadvantaged due to an injured knee. I have always dreamed that I would make it out to become one of the greatest footballers in our school and country. Although football did not work on me, the field taught me the virtue of never giving up in life and always remain positive in my thinking.
The spirit of positive thinking is what has enabled me to endure various things in life. From the school field, I experienced some of the best and worst moments. The best ones being given the chance to play soccer and the worst being injuries towards my body is inevitable. Through the injury, I suffered both physical and psychological pain. It was hard going to the field and seeing my colleagues excelling in what they loved doing. For a period of time, I was in a low moment and preferred having my own company. I would go to the field and place myself in a corner intentionally where only a few people could realize my presence. With time, it becomes harder to hide myself. Finally, the coach noticed and offered a piece of advice which has forever been helpful to me. From the talk, I realized that there was still some impact in my life. Just because I lost in one thing did not mean that I was useful. My injury prevented me from growing me in the region which I wanted, but this should not take away my happiness. This encouragement made me to have a shift in how I view the world and the decisions that I make. From that day onwards, I decided to view myself in a positive angle as I realized that there is still more which I can achieve as an individual.
The mind shift enhanced my thinking and enabled me to think of other ways through which I can better myself. It was clear that I could no longer continue doing what I loved to, but I could always find another thing to do. The field now becomes a source of inspiration. I would go there and watch other schoolmates enjoy what they were good at. After some time, I realized how peaceful this made me feel and the impact it hard on my thinking. From being a victim, the several visits now made me feel more appreciative of the fields of other people. The field taught me the importance of recovering from a fallback. I decided to be a source of encouragement to other children. I shifted my focus and started to look more into my academics. I understood that I could become something better in future if I focused on my studies. The option of being a football analyst became vivid to me. Additionally, I also saw ways of machining proposals which would help nature talents across the globe. With this dream, I started looking for viable options through which I can be a source of hope to other people in the society. Indeed, this led me to gain interest in understanding the physically challenged in the society. One day while I was going home, I ran into a man in a wheelchair and instantly realized how privileged I was. The man might have been born disabled or gotten involved in an accident, but the core aspect was to understand the possibility of what I have.
Influencing the lives of others is one of the best satisfactions I have achieved in life. After meeting with the boy in a wheelchair, my eyes opened up, and I was able to understand the value and importance of life. My selfish nature was changed into a more caring person. I started researching more about this topic, and I gained interest after some time. Even though I was not directly involved with the disabled in the society, I appreciated the ability that I had and the opportunity that I can use to impact the lives of other people. The school field though it feels insignificant to other people, it has been impactful to me. I started a journey of discovering how I can be helpful to other people and stop complaining about the things that I do not have at my disposal. Therefore, I started participating more in research work, and through this, I gained interest in biological aspects and how they affect the development of many children. From the information I have gained, I started attending local sports activities which were meant to help the disadvantaged in the society. On one of the organized school sports day, I learnt how interesting it is to watch others play. I was always involved in the sport but watching it was even more fun. It became real to me the desires that most coaches want to see their teams prosper. Sharing became easier for me since I noticed the privileges that I had as an individual and the ability I have to make the lives of others better in the society.


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