My Life in the Future Essay

October 27, 2017 Medical

I am truly aroused because my life is dramatic. populating here in the Earth is really different from my life in 2012 ; my wonts have changed a batch ; but I can province that even though my life has changed a batch ; I live better and don’t have excessively many concerns.

First. I can state that life in 2175 is amazing because I have some automatons that do the housekeeping for me ; so I don’t have to clean and make the dishes any longer. Besides there are autos that are able to wing. they are astonishing and since I have a batch of money. I could afford purchasing the auto.

Furthermore I have studied many callings. and have changed my occupation many times. As you know. I went under the procedure. so I am able to populate longer ; so I had the chance to analyze five callings at university. I studied medical specialty. jurisprudence. international concern. mechanic technology and industrial technology. I have worked in many mills and right now I have a batch of experience. Talking about matrimony ; I have gotten married three times and I have eight childs ; it’s so nice to hold excessively many childs because they had their childs and now I know them ; so I can state that at this clip there are five coevalss of my household life at the same clip.

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It seems to me that populating in 2175 is better than my life in 2012 ; I remember when life in 2012 and it was non really nice. On the other manus. now I don’t have to worry about the housekeeping and other responsibilities.


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