My Life, My Favorites

My Life, My Favorites I have a few different interests that entertain me while I live this crazy life of mine. I’d like to think I spend most of my time wisely, but I’ve been known to get carried away with stress-free activities such as shopping, socializing and watching my kids’ sporting events. Okay, maybe the sporting events bring a little stress upon me, but it all goes away after the game is over. Shopping is my top favorite interest. I asked a girlfriend to give me her opinion on what she thought my greatest interest was and she said it’s definitely shopping.

Her tone made it sound like I shouldn’t even ask such a silly question! Well, I had no idea it was so noticeable to others, but since I am known to give her my hand-me-downs every time I indulge, it’s probably more prevalent to her than to anyone else who knows me well. I spend many lunch breaks and Saturday afternoons on the hunt for a cash-savings, clearance rack purchase. I will dig at any Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshall’s for the best, brand name deals. Of course, I’m not just thinking of myself when I actively take over the shoe or clothing department.

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I keep my kids, friends and friend’s kids in mind if the size and price are right! My daughter, son and career are always my first priority, but this full-time working mom likes to let loose every now and then. An occasional happy hour, social drinking only, sometimes will strike my interest after a long day at the office. Working for a baseball club, we see our highs and lows. Either mood can instigate such an event. So, if I’m not answering the cell phone after normal business hours, it’s probably best for all parties involved.

I am most likely partaking in a social activity that is for the betterment of my sanity. Any disruption could cause an eruption! I have come to the realization that I enjoy sports more than I thought. In my childhood years, I despised the idea of watching any games because my father ruled the only television in our home. He most always had it tuned to baseball, football or boxing. Once my daughter started playing basketball though, I thought “this isn’t so bad. Now that she’s playing on a select team, I’m thinking “this is awesome! ” To watch the progression in her skill-set development on the court is amazing. It’s such a blessing to have a coach she respects and trusts. Her interest in basketball has become my interest as the rewards of her becoming a self-disciplined, young lady makes raising her much easier. I honestly don’t mind spending four days a week in the gym to support her. My 5 year old son is coming along well behind her. His t-ball efforts make me giggle.

He’s so little, so serious about the game and doesn’t sit still long enough to understand much, but he’s suited up and ready to play! At this age, all you can do is laugh and take pictures for memories sake. I can say I am blessed to have a life that offers time for enjoyment. I never thought I would be such a busy lady, but as long as I am able to free my mind by spending a little cash to make myself feel pretty, visit with friends over a cocktail, and watch my kids learn and grow, I am a happy camper.



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