My Memorable Journey In New York English Literature Essay

October 11, 2017 English Literature

A A A A A A A A A A A New York is a really popular metropolis that everyone is familiar with when they heard of the names of Statue of Liberty, Time Square, and the Broadway, but this topographic point to me is non merely merely an ordinary metropolis ; it is a place that I most experience safe and protected. It has a really particular significance in my life since it was the first place that my household and I resided when we came to America ten old ages ago. New York was filled with such fantastic memories such as when we tried to accommodate to a new life, civilization, new people, and nutrients and larn how to talk English. It is topographic point of comfort that I feel most at easiness and relaxed. Although we merely stayed in Queens for half a twelvemonth when I was still seven, it has ever been a topographic point where I consider particular and unforgettable.

A A A A A A A A A A A My trip to Bronx, New York last summer was a really singular experience for both my sisters and I. We traveled to different topographic points and did many activities that we have ne’er went or done before while life in Queens. The idea of making New York was so teasing that I began to experience a small disquieted and nervous. It was an eternal six hours trip, and every minute seemed similar hours as we kept on looking out the aeroplane window invariably ; but after what seemed similar infinity, we eventually made to our finish. We took a glance of the scenery outside, and at that place we saw 1000s of tall edifices run alonging up following to one another. The metropolis was still really busy and crowded. The colourful visible radiations from edifices, shops, autos, and more, created such an amazing landscape. Everything remained the same as if it was our first twenty-four hours traveling to America, our new place state.

A A A A A A A A A A A The riders began to take off their sit belts and hastily gathered their baggage and bags, acquiring ready to go out the aeroplane. It was hot and crowded as everyone started forcing on one another in order to make the issue every bit fast as possible. By the clip we got out, it was a relieve for all of us.

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A A A A A A A A A A A We drove in our cousins ‘ auto to a little flat in Bronx where my aunt and grandmother lived. It was difficult for us to accommodate to a new place on our first dark of slumber because the bed, the sheet, the pillows, and the odor were rather different, but after my first two yearss, I was able to accommodate more easy to the streets around the flat, the shops, and the people. A batch of walking was required, and shortly it became one of my wonts. The country in Bronx and the contaminated environment are so different from the 1s I know when we were still populating in Queens. The vicinities were largely African American, and everyplace you go, you will them see them from here to at that place. The street was more crowded with people shopping from shops to hive away. New York is celebrated for their cultural diverseness particularly their great assortment of eating houses and markets such as McDonald, Thai Tea, Chinese nutrients, Italian spaghetti, Korean sushi, and Nipponese nutrients.

A A A A A A A A A A A While my cousins, my sisters, and I took a train to China Town, a group of African Americans kids performed their endowment in forepart of the riders in hope of having back wagess. They brought their wirelesss and carried out a street dance manner such as the lockup, popping, the Moon walk, and other manners that I was unsure of. From what I witnessed, I felt that these kids were fantastic and fantastic since they were utilizing their ain accomplishments and endowment to do money for their life without experiencing shameful in forepart of riders, who might believe they were foolish. I truly admired their difficult work and besides their brave, but they made me experience that I have ne’er done anything in my life to do my ain money.

A A A A A A A A A A A A As we arrived to Canal street of China Town, Manhattan, a sudden daze overwhelm me after I observed the topographic point. This was my first clip sing China Town in New York, and I must acknowledge that this topographic point is much more exciting and gratifying comparison to the empty and tiring one in California. China Town in Manhattan was overcrowded with Chinese immigrants and visitants walking from shop to hive away. The streets was tightly packed, and there were so many little eating houses selling fried noodle, dim amount and seafood, and more markets for fruits, meats, fishes, and drinks. Everyone seemed to hold a batch of merriment when they were viing over the good quality of meats and fruits, workers stood on pavement, seeking to advance their new merchandises and nutrients, and immature kids gathered around in the little resort area of the school to play ticket and swings. We passed by a market to purchase meats and other ingredients for our dinner tonight. The cashier spoke a linguistic communication that I was certain it was Cantonese because my pa has ever spoken Cantonese to me, and I was certain that she did state the phrase “ toe chei say, ” intending to thank everyone, but I still struggled to catch her other words since she was talking excessively fast.

A A A A A A A A A A A We so stopped at a dim amount eating house for our breakfast and spent our whole afternoon playing in the arcade and shopping in shops. That twenty-four hours, I experienced the most awkward minute of my life while taking a image with the adult male who dressed as the statue of autonomy. At first, I thought it was wholly free of charge to take a image with him, but subsequently, he hold me back and demanded us to pay him a five dollar measure. To our surprise, both my sister and I had already spent all of our money in the arcades and the shops, and we could n’t reach our cousins, who were still shopping in the market. My bosom was crushing enormously fast as people stopped by to watch us. The adult male gave us an angry face, but he allow it travel anyhow.

A A A A A A A A A A A The following twenty-four hours, we took a long trip in the early forenoon to see the Statue of autonomy, a symbol that I most feel proud of our state, but the awkward minute that happened in China Town slightly annoyed me. It was highly hot that twenty-four hours as if I could experience the heat swinging my face liked it was 150 grades. As we entered the seaport in a ship, the first thing we saw was the immense Statue of Liberty, a gift given by the Gallic, who helped our state fought in the American Revolution. The memorial reminded me of the difficult work and forfeit of the soldiers who I ever respect and feel proud of. All the privileges that I enjoy today such as freedom to idolize my faith, show my sentiment, desire the things that I want, and take my ain way and calling are given by those courageous soldiers. We took legion images with the statue and the glimmer and beautiful seaport that surrounded it. I must admitted that this was my most favourite circuit throughout my three hebdomads trip to New York.

In the afternoon, we took the metro to Time square to watch the dark position at dark. As the Sun began to melt off and twenty-four hours became a small ice chest, we walked about and detect the fantastic and eye-popping visible radiations that made the dark experience more bright and cheerful. The position was so amazing that it gave me a sense of daze but joyful, which I would ne’er bury. We passed by the Time Square Tower, the GMC, the large McDonald and more, but we stopped by the theatre to watch one of most amusive and exciting films, G. I. Joe. For the undermentioned yearss, we spent most of our clip with our aunt and grandmother, cookery, watching amusing films, and playing Tu Sac, a four colour games.

The twenty-four hours before we left New York to return back to California, we spent the last clip with our relations at the Jones Beach. The reflecting Sun, the sound of the moving ridges that hit the shoreline, and the white littorals were all my favourite. While loosen uping under the collapsible shelter, I took a minute to experience the ambiance of the topographic point which I could feel the feeling of joyousness from the cool zephyr and the affection from the Sun merely like in California. The immature 1s played cards and tickets and splashed themselves in the H2O, while the seniors prepared the nutrients. It was an astonishing and restful topographic point where I could experience the bond with my relations.

There was a feeling of unhappiness when we had to state adieu to everyone, but we left with a smiling on our face, maintaining the memories of New York particularly China Town, the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, the beach, the nutrients, the clip we spent with everyone, and eventually my awkward minute with the adult male dressed like the Statue of Liberty.


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