My Motives Social Values Various Dynamics Of Group Education Essay

This essay discusses factors act uponing motive, larning & A ; the issues that I anticipate in my group work & A ; my reference to these issues. First it gives the brief thought about my motive to make a maestro grade from Bangor concern school, the 2nd is about my purpose and 3rd is the attack towards larning & A ; issues that I anticipate during my learning experience in the group and it besides mention the manner to turn to those issues. Finally it offers some decision.

At first motive was merely limited with the strength and behavior and it was defined as the ‘psychological construct related to strength & A ; way of behavior ‘ ( Torrington & A ; Hall 1991 ) . However the definition of motive got alteration from coevals to coevals as the economic conditions and societal values change. So after traveling through assorted literatures I come to cognize that fright & A ; money are non the lone ways of motive. There are five natures of motive and they are single, knowing, multifaceted, contextual and dynamic nature of motive. But here I will speak merely about the single nature of motive and it can be defined as ‘a determination devising procedure through which the person chooses desired results and sets in gesture the behavior appropriate to get them ‘ ( Huczynski & A ; Buchanan 1991 p. 64 ) .Further I come to cognize that human existences have grounds for the things that they do, behaviour is purposive but we are proactive instead than reactive. We of course think of our behavior as related in meaningful ways to these experienced motivations. But to see the motivations is in its ain right or non we have to feel our behavior, so my sense of motive is a societal procedure that involve influence & A ; therefore the definition through which I can link my motive theory is ‘motives are learned influences on human behavior that lead us to prosecute peculiar ends because they are socially valued ‘ ( Huczynski & A ; Buchanan p. 57 ) .

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So my erudite influence on human behavior comes from my old experience. I was in my concluding twelvemonth of graduation and with my group I was working on the undertaking called ‘Street light use system ‘ and I was the group leader, the basic thought behind the undertaking was to cut down the sum of power used by the street visible radiation and the sum of residuary power we got can be used in the place contraptions or either for the industrial intent, as my metropolis was covering with the power cuts because of the power deficit before two old ages from this undertaking, but now the undertaking will assist my metropolis to get the better of from the power cuts. My undertaking was non for the rich peoples who can afford inverters or even the generators but the undertaking was for those in-between category people whose boy or girl used to analyze in the taper visible radiation when there was no power at their place. So what I learned after finishing this undertaking was nil can be happier than doing others happy. So that twenty-four hours I think to make something for the humanity.

My undertaking cost was really less and big figure of people will acquire benefit from it. So this motivated me to be an enterpriser who non merely gain the net income by his new thoughts but besides satisfy his consumers and from that twenty-four hours entrepreneurship has become a pilgrim’s journey for me, that twenty-four hours my purposes were really clear, I want to function the people, it can besides be done by fall ining the political relations but after that I will non be able to gain my ain net income, so therefore how I want to be an good enterpriser, whose first measure was my undertaking and the 2nd to fall in the maestro programme in concern which would assist me to cognize about the behavior of the corporate sector.

Harmonizing to Abraham Maslow this type of motive comes into the regard needs for high ego rating based on capableness and regard from others and therefore if I will fulfill my regard I will believe that I am utile and necessary in the universe. I will experience myself as the ego developer. Harmonizing to the Michael Maccoby ( 1988 ) , the new coevals of ego developer will non be motivated by congratulations from male parent but by the chances for self look and calling development combined with a just portion of net incomes.

I choose to make my station graduation from UK as I think UK is the gateway to Europe ; there are many paths into instruction system in UK, so opportunities of accessing to European systems are high.It is a belief in my household that the instruction system in UK has the best to offer in the whole universe.This belief arises out of the history of many great leaders who studied from UK.There are many nationalities in India who studied from UK, for illustration the current premier curate of India Dr. Manmohan Singh studied from UK, influenced me to choose any university from UK to make my station graduation. To cipher the strength of my motive based on my influence there is a theory called anticipation theory of work motive by Victor H. Vroom in 1964. Vroom used the term subjective chance for the single outlook that would take to a peculiar result. Expectancy theory provinces that ‘the strength or force of the single motive to act in a peculiar manner ‘ is


Where F=motivation to act

E=the outlook ( the subjective chance ) that the behavior will be followed by a peculiar result

V=the valency of the result

This is called the anticipation equation ( Huczynski & A ; Buchanan 1991 p.65 ) . It is the subjective chance because it may change between 0 and 1, from no opportunity at all to absolute certainty, for illustration I am influenced by Dr. Manmohan Singh, so it is wholly depend on me, if my strength of motive is strong I will seek difficult to be a great adult male, so that harmonizing to the anticipation theory my results will be 1 or otherwise frailty versa. Thus how an person expected work of motive is measured, and I selected to analyze in UK.

I browsed extensively through web pages & A ; discovered that the classs offered by the Bangor University seemed to fit with my countries of involvement in Banking & A ; Finance & A ; I felt that under the counsel & A ; preparation of the expert module of the university I would able to accomplish my dream & A ; aspirations. So therefore how I thought that being in an rational environment of Bangor University my fresh endowments will acquire some opportunity to come out. My thirst for an university that would assist me go through beyond the dogmas of finance, direction & A ; banking and give me freedom to research new line of attack in my field of involvement led me to the doorsill of the Bangor University because this was the lone university to offer the specialisation to the freshman ‘s non holding any work experience, so my focal point to choose the university is merely based on its class & A ; either they are offering the specialisation. Harmonizing to Abraham Maslow ‘Specialization is a little undertaking makes people really adept ‘ therefore how I choose to make the specialisation in Banking & A ; Finance so that I could acquire adept. And as the university that boasts of huge library, province of art installations & A ; desirable substructure Bangor is surely a Centre of excellence.So I was certain that in such an environment I will be able to convey out the best in me & A ; assist me scale new highs.

‘Learning is the procedure of deriving cognition through all the experiences either the good or the bad one, which leads to a alteration in behavior and believing ‘ . Basically there are three attacks of acquisition, surface, deep & amp ; strategic attack of larning ( Biggs 1989 ) .

The first attack, surface acquisition, the individual who adopts this type of acquisition is holding the purpose to make work in easy manner. They want to copy others work compose it down in their ain linguistic communication i.e. they are reproduce type of scholars. These types of scholars are holding an extrinsic type of motive. In this type of motive they get influenced from other people but these people are those who got a success after making a difficult work. Surface type of scholars gets influenced by their work, by their name or by their celebrity, their purposes are clear i.e. to reproduce the work but they ne’er try to be different. So harmonizing to their purposes their procedure of acquisition is really narrow, they try to memorise, they do n’t seek to understand. Their manner of garnering the information is besides based on the reproduction, so the result of these types of scholars is normally bad i.e. most of the times they have to travel through the failure. This type of scholars can ne’er alter their manner of larning they ever be a surface scholar.

The 2nd attack, deep acquisition, the individual who adopts this type of larning are holding the purpose to make work in researched mode. They like to understand the peculiar constructs in deep manner, these types of scholars are motivated by their ain involvement. There procedure of acquisition is besides deep, their purpose is to get the cognition do the research & A ; analyze it personally. These types of scholars are rather advanced, in this attack of larning they gathers the information based on their sense and purposes and therefore the opinion is based on their thought and the feeling from the information they gathers.

These types of scholars are ever the innovators in their field of involvement, so therefore the result of their difficult work ever comes out to be positive and holistic.This type of scholars can ne’er alter their scheme to larn because it is wholly depend on their involvement.

The 3rd attack, strategic acquisition, the individual who adopts this type of larning are holding the purpose to win at every point of clip. Peoples are holding this type of purpose because their motive is to accomplish ends or good classs and compete with other people. So the procedure of larning comes between deep acquisition & A ; the surface acquisition, sometimes they get a deep cognition and sometimes they merely have the narrow. These type of scholars gathers the information from there sense & A ; purpose but the apprehension they gain is non wholly deep because there purpose is to win so these type of scholars merely want the information which is point to indicate. Based on their information their opinion is based on there believing & A ; feelings & A ; sometimes it is manipulative. The result is ever varied, sometimes they get a clear success & A ; sometimes they merely able to go through. The orientation is ever changeless i.e. winning.These type of scholars can alter their scheme of larning, they can alter their scheme from strategic to deep or to come up scholar but it wholly based on their results because their orientation is merely to win & amp ; nil else.

So after analyzing assorted attacks, I can link myself to one attack of larning. My purpose is to be a good enterpriser ; people of my society motivated me to believe so, as many people would somehow acquire some good things from my undertaking, the sense in which this type of motive is defined is called the societal procedure of motive which involves influence. As my purpose is to be a good enterpriser whose first measure is to fulfill the consumer in all demands which would necessitate a deep cognition in all the Fieldss like consumer psychological science, production of goods its cost and demand so merely the consumer can acquire satisfied. As Albert Einstein said that “ Problems can non be solved at the same degree of consciousness that created them ” , so I have to travel one measure frontward from others and for that I have to make an understanding and deep cognition for the consumers and if I will able to make these things so the result will be positive and holistic as my orientation is meaningful for me & A ; for other people. Therefore I connect myself to a deep attack of acquisition.

The group is defined as “ figure of people who communicate with each other, psychologically knows each other and perceive themselves to be a group ” . ( By Schein 1998 ) There are two types of group, formal and informal group. Formal groups are the group which are undertaking orientated. Informal groups are the group which are self orientated.

I am holding a group which is undertaking orientated, so the group type is formal and my group consist of six members. In six, three of them are the Chinese and other three are Indians. So my group is a multicultural group.

Some are from different state & A ; some are from my state but my manner of thought is different from other five people, no affair that they are from my state or non, there civilization is same or non, but the manner of thought is different.So I think that I am traveling to expect many issues in the group work.

Based on Allan R. Cohen, Stephen L. Fink, Herman Gadon and Robin D. Willits, Effective Behaviour in organisation ( 4th edition ) , Irwin, Homewood, Illinois, 1998, p. 144 there are some issues confronting in any work group & A ; they are as follows

Atmosphere and relationships

Member engagement

Goal apprehension and credence

Listening and information sharing

Managing dissensions and struggle

Decision -making

Evaluation of member public presentation

Expressing feelings

Division of labor


Attention to procedure.

Harmonizing to me the issues which I am traveling to expect in my group work are listening & A ; information, managing dissension & A ; struggle, determination devising, rating of member public presentation, division of labor, leading & A ; attending to procedure.

I think that the basic issue I will expect in my group would be listening & A ; information. In my group three members are from India and the other three are from China. So many times three members would speak in their domestic linguistic communication, so the medium to portion any information will be slow, first they will discourse it within themselves and so they will portion it with others. If the information is related to merely one concerned member so besides it will take clip to make the right member, this can go on because deficiency of communicating or commixture of the group members. So listening & A ; information sharing is one of the issue that I will expect in my group work.This job can be solved if there is a shared communicating web, every member should pass on with every other member so that the purposes & A ; intents of the group are exchanged which would assist to fulfill some societal demands & A ; therefore implement the criterion of group behavior.

The other issue I can expect in my group work is the struggle between the group members, if there is some struggle between the Chinese member and Indian member so it might be possible that they can go forth the group & A ; my group will acquire interrupt. If there is an internal struggle between the Chinese members or between the Indian members so it will be rather hard to manage the state of affairs, it might be possible that the group will non interrupt but the result of this internal struggle will be unsafe. We will non be able to take or finalise any determination and the consequence will be negative. My group will be at that place but with zero growing. This type of state of affairs will adversely impact my group. So conflict is one issue that I will be expecting in my group work. This job can be resolved merely if there is proper understanding between my group members and members should non move like an single playing independently but merely act like the other member of group. So to get by up from this job a greater degree of communicating would necessitate with each other, they must believe that they are both members of and participant in the group which itself is typical from other groups.

The other issue I can expect in my group work is the determination devising, we are six in Numberss and three from one state and if there is job between my group member it will be really difficult for us to come on a peculiar determination and it will be really difficult to follow the procedure of voting.So determination is one issue that I can expect in my group work. This job can be overcome merely if the ends are shared & A ; merely accomplishable by the members working together and non as single. They must be obliged to lend to the attainment of the shared end.

The 4th issue I can expect in my group is measuring the members public presentation, it is same as the determination devising and it will be really hard to measure a peculiar member public presentation, everyone appraise anyone else, no 1 will take a duty if anything goes incorrect.So measuring a public presentation is one issue that I can expect in my group work. To get by up from this job we have to measure our group public presentation, but non an single public presentation and making so it can besides hike the single public presentation towards group.

The 5th issue I can expect in my group work is division of labor, it is easy to delegate undertaking but if anybody is non authorized to delegate, so the single group member will take on his ain involvement but the job comes when the two members are holding the same involvement and it will be really difficult to delegate the undertaking to one individual. So division of labor is one issue that I will be expecting in my group work. The lone manner to get the better of this job is by sharing ends, no person will work on that peculiar undertaking, the end concerned is shared and merely accomplishable by the members of the group but non by the individual person.

The 6th issue I can expect in my group work is about the leading, it is hard to take the leader among the members. So this is the major job that I will be expecting in my group work.This job can be solved merely if the leader is appointed from exterior. And if there is no leader I have to expect with one more issue in my group called as attending to the procedure, we would non be able to better our ain procedure and it will be really difficult to pull off the group and no 1 will be able to understand the other member and there will be struggle among the group because of the deficiency of direction. This type of issue can be resolved merely by the leader.

To reason, this essay has identified factors act uponing motive to larn & amp ; purpose to function the people with the deep attack of larning & A ; critically measuring the issues happening in a group & A ; some cardinal characteristics about the behavior of single in a group. However, it is true that factor like fright & A ; money are non the lone manner to actuate the people but these can demotivate the scholars. Whatever is the method, purposes or ends every person will supply some advanced manner of developing cognition & A ; accomplishments.



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