My road to nursing is one filled with many obstacles

My road to nursing is one filled with many obstacles, pit stops and alternate routes. I did not grow up thinking I would one day be pursuing a career in nursing or be spending my days helping others. However, as I look back on my journey I can see how each step was a building block to where I am now, and cam proudly say it is with great honor I am now seeking admittance into your nursing school program and strive to earn my Masters of Science, as I have fallen in love with the nursing field and the prospects of helping others on a daily basis through this capacity.

I did not always think I would be a nurse and, on the contrary, life’s challenges and obstacles help me find this field that I now love. While serving in the military my husband had to have emergency open heart surgery. I do not remember a moment in life where I felt more helpless, useless and hopefulness, as I watched the man I love fight for his life. It was during this time I wish I had medical knowledge, so I could help my husband recover from his surgery, and made the life altering decision to go to nursing school. I began my collegiate journey while still in the military and upon completion of my military service went to nursing school.

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