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February 24, 2019 February 25th, 2019 Nursing

My Values: Building a Nursing Philosophy
Tina M. Jenkins
Lamar University
NURS 2213-48 Theories in Nursing

My Personal Values
My philosophy as a nurse is that nurses are obligated to the public in the provision of safe, universal and patient-focused care. The most fascinating aspect of nursing to me is that it is merely a profession but more importantly it is a way of living that can never be neglected. To me, nursing goes beyond treating patients and it is a more focused practice towards delivering quality care to all patients that is customized based on the needs of each patient. My nursing, philosophy includes the integration of nursing knowledge with rational and considers care that honors the self-worth of all patients. I believe that inclusive nursing care incorporates upholding the diverse values of the patient. According to Grace, (2017) the most vital aspect of nursing is the ability to create interpersonal connections and cooperative efforts among healthcare workers in promoting quality patient care. My philosophy is highly focused on promoting health in my community.

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My personal nursing core values, as well as beliefs, include caring, kindness, trustworthiness, perseverance, inclusiveness, long-term learning and success in the achievement of my set professional and personal goals. In this context, I normally utilize these values in making personal choices in carrying out activities every day. I believe that nursing the most important value is caring, familiarity and integrity. In that nursing is mainly focused on ensuring that the needs of the patients are met holistically in a safe environment that is focused on healing and empowerment. I do feel that both my professional and personal philosophies with respect to nursing are corresponding since they are centered on offering quality care which is a core nursing value. The characteristics that create an effective nurse cannot be used in shifts since they have become a part of me and I apply them in almost every situation in my personal life as well. In achieving the best in all my philosophies I always remember that as a human being making mistakes is a norm and if something does not meet the set expectation then I always try to assess the situation and learn something rather than regret. In nursing, learning is a consistent process and knowledge is required in delivering the best care to the patients.
My Inspiration or the Origin of My Values
With respect to my personal and professional lives, I am always by the need to help others. Nursing to me as a representation of everything that I believe that makes life valuable which is the ability to offload suffering from others. I do believe that every patient deserves to receive individualized care that adheres to utmost quality irrespective of their sex, race, and socio-economic status and so on. Even when their outlook of health care differs every patient should be treated with admiration. In that, every patient should be given the opportunity to experience a sense of safety and honesty (Kangasniemi, Pakkanen, & Korhonen, 2015).
I am always inspired by the ability to create smiles even when the situation is not deserving. Patients rely on nurses as their only option for getting better and living better lives. Every day, I interact with patients suffering from different conditions and it breaks my heart to see them suffering. Thus, interacting with them and offering the best care has helped me understand that nursing is more than just caring but also becoming part of the community. I am inspired by the ability to create a greater good for my community. It is widely known that job satisfaction makes a profession valuable something that I have acquired through nursing. Nursing is a unique profession that upholds wellness. Through, nursing I have contributed significantly to social responsibility by enhancing and promoting health for all individuals. More so the thing that inspires me the most that have also led to the development of my values is that fact that nursing emphasizes on prioritizing the needs of the patient over personal interest. In other words, it encourages nurses to become selfless to achieve the goal of offering medical care and saving lives (Gottlieb, & Gottlieb, 2017).
My Role Models
As far as my nursing profession is concerned my role models are the individuals who built a foundation for nursing by focusing on the wellness of the public over their own. As an individual whose primary objective is to be of help to those that are suffering, I have always considered Mary Breckinridge as my role model. Despite the fact that she came from a privileged and powerful family she dedicated her life to ensuring that the health of underprivileged women and children in the interior parts of America are improved. In addition, Vernice Davis is the unacknowledged hero who not only advocates for the development of nursing leadership but also focuses on pressing patient problems mainly for the vulnerable populace. Both of them inspires me to be a greater nurse who values the needs of the patients as well as focus on helping those that needs nursing care the most. Socio-economically disadvantaged persons in the society are highly ignored when it comes to health care based on their inability to economically participate in treatment. However, promoting health is about wellness rather than finances.

My Values and Nursing Practice
Effective nursing is all about promoting health through the application of knowledge, compassion, care, respect, and honesty (Kangasniemi, Pakkanen, & Korhonen, 2015). I do believe that nurses are required to uphold their personal as well as professional ethical measures always. Consequently, we should always be responsible for each of our actions. I admit that for me building relationships both with the patients and nurses is one of my priorities because other nurses are resourceful and helpful in the development of skills while patients tend to appreciate care where they are engaged. The participation of patients helps in the development of trust resulting in positive health outcomes. In this context, I tend to utilize my values in practice for the benefits of the patients. Compassion and care are essential since one must be kind to the suffering patients to empower them of a better future. This mainly entails being as a source of inspiration and searching for greatness.
Nursing Theorist
Without a doubt, Clara Barton is the nursing theorist that I associated myself most with. Her ability to demonstrate selflessness, compassion, care, and kindness fascinates me the most. During the civil war period, the need for medical care was high and while most individuals were afraid of participating she devoted her life to restoring the lives of the suffering soldiers. She offered nursing care and relieved them of pain and she would even cook for them. She offered holistic care to all regardless of their differences and she was driven by the need to help rather than recognition and finances. I aspire to be the person that she was by prioritizing my patients over my own needs.
In summing up, I choose to be a nurse since I believe in helping others. To me, nursing is not a profession rather it is a calling which I must fulfill. My objective is to ensure that I provide unbiased care to all patients based on their health needs by using knowledge, kindness, sympathy, and honesty as my leading beliefs. Nursing is a tool that I must use in transforming the world and promoting health.
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