My Utopia

On an island not to far from the coast of South America, lives a perfect society where the members are happy and content in their role in the community. The island, also known as Salaad, is a tropical island not much larger than a medium sized town with only about 100 people who live in this island community. The people of Salaad are by no means perfect. They are only human. What makes Salaadians special is that they are all very different people with very different backgrounds but they all are accepting and acknowledging of the people around them as sensitive creatures who deserve to be treated as equals if not family. .

Salaadians live however they choose. They are free to do what they please but they are expected to do some sort of task of their choosing three days a week and an assigned task the other three days a week. Salaadians are subsistence farmers. They grow their own food and fish for their meat since there are no other animals on the island. It is important that everyone does their share of the work. If someone chooses not to do their work on a regular basis or does poor work consistently they will have a scheduled hearing at which members of the community will be randomly chosen to talk with that person and make sure he or she knows that their work habits are concerning to the community. If the person does not make the necessary changes, the hearing will be rescheduled and expulsion from the community will most likely result. People who refuse to do the few tasks asked of them are not the kind of people who were originally asked to join this community and expulsion rarely happens. When it does occur however, the person receives enough money to get started on a new life where he or she was originally from. The money comes from an account that everyone who joins the community puts all of their money into.

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Salaad has a governing body that is democratic but very different from the democracy most might think of.



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