MySQL server Essay

By September 29, 2017 History

When a client connects to the MySQL waiter. the waiter uses the username provided by the client and the client host to choose the appropriate history row from the mysql. user tabular array. It so uses this row to authenticate the client. Before MySQL 5. 5. 7. the waiter authenticates the watchword provided by the client against the Password column of the history row. As of MySQL 5. 5. 7. the waiter authenticates clients utilizing plugins. Choice of the proper history row from the mysql. user tabular array is based on the user name and client host. as earlier. but the waiter authenticates the client certificates as follows: The waiter determines from the history row which hallmark plugin applies for the client.

If the history row specifies no plugin name. the waiter uses native hallmark ; that is. hallmark against the watchword stored in the Password column of the history row. This is the same hallmark method provided by MySQL waiters older than 5. 5. 7. before pluggable hallmark was implemented. but now is implemented utilizing two plugins that are built in and can non be disabled. If the history row specifies a plugin. the waiter invokes it to authenticate the user. If the waiter can non happen the plugin. an mistake occurs. The plugin returns a position to the waiter bespeaking whether the user is permitted to link.

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Whereas SQL Server supports two hallmark systems. Microsoft Access supports three. Unfortunately. three is non needfully better than two. and the Access security system is non suited for big endeavor use. The most normally used is Database Password. A database watchword is merely a watchword that Access prompts you to type in when opening the database. A database can hold merely one watchword. You can non delegate a different watchword to different users.


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