February 3, 2019 English Language

Ethical considerations regarding research and its presentation and the mechanisms in place for the monitoring and ensuring ethical practice.

Ethics are norms for conduct that distinguish between acceptable and un acceptable behavior which can be learned at school, at home or in life as human beings mature from one different stage to another in their growth. (Dich, L., McKee, H.A., & Porter, J.E., 2013).Ethical considerations in research is the moral conduct which a researcher should uphold.

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One of the ethical considerations regarding research and its presentation is honesty, honesty implies sincerity or refusal to steal, lie, or deceive in anyway, this means that all data results, methods and procedures should be reported truthfully; colleagues, research sponsors, or the public should not be deceived. (David Resnik, 2015).Integrity is another ethical consideration regarding research and its presentation, integrity means adherence to moral and ethical principles that is being morally upright and keeping your promises and agreements, researchers should strive for consistency of thought and action. Having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. The third ethical consideration regarding research is objectivity, objectivity is ensuring that one is not bias in data collection, data analysis, data interpretation and other research areas, simply means being true regardless ones interpretations, ideas, opinions or feelings.

Mechanisms in place for the monitoring and ensuring of ethical practices include the establishment of an additional assurance in the conduct of research by the creation of the institutional review board (IRB) by the federal government. This board consists of five or more members who are associates of the institution as well as other people who have no association with the institution. The IRB is charged with reviewing the purpose of the research and the proposed methodology as it relates to potential risk or benefits to the participants involved.(Cacciattolo M.(2015).In Kenya for instance, the University of Nairobi has developed a code of conduct for research, which is guided by a research notebook. It is upon all researchers at the university to familiarize themselves and adhere to the ethical code of the institution (Bell & Bryman, 2007, Saunders et al, 2011). This must be observed in writing research proposals, research projects, dissertations, and theses.

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