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March 4, 2019 Sociology

As we see in sociology, conflict theory states that a society functions so that everyone makes effort to benefit to the maximum, which certainly makes a contribution to social change such as political changes. Prostitution is used by individuals to make money by selling their bodies. Consequently, the government had to come in and outlaw prostitution. Prostitution is topic which has been discussed worldwide if it is ethical or wicked, legal or illegal. As a sociologist, I will discuss prostitution in conflict, functionalist and feminist perspectives. Prostitution has been defined in many ways but we have the simple definition; Engaging in the sexual activity with another person in exchange for something like money or other valuable goods (Jolin et al, 1994).

The functionalists propose that prostitution has been there for a long time because in some way it serves the community. We ought to understand that all prostitutes have a manifest function, and it is a job! This is because they make their living through it. Moreover, its latent function is to give the sexual outlet to the individuals who have not been married and who are not in a position to marry like the poor, physically challenged and mentally handicapped. Additionally, in an interchange, the needs of the buyers are met with no obligation to the “seller”. The assessment of the dysfunction of prostitution is dependent on the culture of the country. For example, Prostitution was illegalized in Vietnam. It is a main social issue that mostly disturbs women, children and largely known as a risk factor in the transmission of HIV infection. Contrary, prostitution in Thailand is not legal too, but in practice, it is accepted and controlled. One notable thing with Thailand women is that they believe prostitution is important as it actively reduces the cases of rape (Ghosh et al, 2002).

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Let us have a look at conflict perspective. Conflict scholar would look at how prostitution gives support to status quo and appeases disparity between intense powerful and subordinate groups. Individuals’ social class, race, culture, gender, and age are altogether connected to the unequal income. That is the reason many prostitutes are still poor, female, and youthful. In Vietnam, Thailand and Philippine, there is a good number of low-class people and they are eventually compelled to prostitution. These people have no any other choice because they have no education. Indeed, even that, when these ladies earn from prostitution, they are as yet persecuted by their pimps who take a big amount of their income. So the monetary imbalance gap is enlarged. The social imbalance of these nations orders that they do sex for cash persistently so as to live.

With the conflict perspective, we can utilize Feminist view as a valuable instrument to look at prostitution in particular. At the point when Max Weber center on the contention amongst class and powers, Feminist sociologists center on power and gender. They trust that the men entering the sexual exchange are similarly as shameless as the prostitutes themselves. Women’s activist additionally contends that society instructs young men to rule young ladies and are required to proceed with this conduct into adulthood. Then again society educates young ladies to be docile to young men and to remain that route into adulthood. The essential thought is that prostitution and a male-controlled society bolster each other. This is on account of prostitution underpins and energizes the possibility that all ladies can be purchased or are less important than men (Bromberg, 1997). A research shows that male prostitutes are less than female prostitutes. Male prostitutes are viewed as homosexuals.
To conclude, obviously by addressing the necessities of prostitution then prostitution turns into a type of social control over sexual conduct. This is of extraordinary significance as it brings men with sexual desires from unwilling accomplices to accomplices that are ready however at a specific cost. This without a doubt decreases instances of assault and rape.

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