Name of country in English: Colombia Essay

August 19, 2017 Economics

Informations about when state was founded and how it happened:

Columbia was foremost discovered by Spanish adventurers. It became a Spanish settlement after its find in the early sixteenth century. It remained a Colony of Spain until the 1800’s. However. there were several rebel motions during this clip against the colonisation of the Spanish regulation. nevertheless. these motions were non successful. However. the eventual release of Columbia was a consequence of a similar Rebel motion that spread all around the state. It resulted in its independency from Spain in the twelvemonth 1819. Rebel leader Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Paula Santander played a cardinal function in the independency of Spain. Thus. Simon Bolivar became the first president and Francisco became the Vice President

Picture of the flag:
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What does the flag mean ( pictures/colors ) :

There is no official significance of the Colombian flag ; nevertheless there are two popular theories on the significance behind Colombia’s flag’s colourss. One states that the xanthous symbolizes sovereignty and justness ; the blue stands for aristocracy. trueness and watchfulness ; while the ruddy represents heroism. award. generousness and triumph through bloodshed. The 2nd reading states the xanthous bases for cosmopolitan autonomy ; the blue for the equality of all races and societal categories before God and the jurisprudence ; and ruddy agencies fraternity. There is besides a popular Colombian children’s vocal which resonates – “yellow is our gold. blue is our huge seas and ruddy is the blood that gave us our freedom” .

Picture of the President:
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Branchs: Executive–president ( caput of province and authorities ) . Legislative–bicameral Congress. Judicial–Supreme Court. Constitutional Court. Council of State. Superior Judicia Type: Republic.
President–Juan Manuel SANTOS Calderon
Vice President–Angelino GARZON
Minister of Foreign Affairs–Maria Angela HOLGUIN Cuellar
Minister of Defense–Rodrigo RIVERA Salazar
Minister of Interior and Justice–German VARGAS Lleras
Ambassador to the United States–Gabriel SILVA Lujan
Ambassador to the Organization of American States–Luis Alfonso HOYOS Aristazabal Ambassador to the United Nations–Nestor OSORIO Londono

2 facts about the President:

• He created the Good Government Foundation ( Fundacion Buen Gobierno ) and founded the political party Partido de la U in the twelvemonth 2005. presently Colombia’s largest political party. • On June 20. 2010. ( after obtaining the largest ballot during the first unit of ammunition of the presidential elections which took topographic point on May 30 of the same twelvemonth ) at the 2nd unit of ammunition of the presidential elections. he was elected President of the Republic of Colombia for the four twelvemonth period between August 7th. 2010 and August 7th. 2014. He obtained more than 9 million ballots. the highest sum obtained by any campaigner in the history of Colombian democracy.

• He was Chief of the Colombian deputation before the International Coffee Organization ( ICO ) in London ; he was the most recent Designate to the Presidency and Colombia’s foremost Foreign Trade Minister. He has besides been Finance Minister and National Defense Minister. During this last place. he was in charge of taking the execution of the government’s Democratic Security Policy. • He was a plebe at the Navy Academy in Cartagena ; he studied Economics and Business Administration and carried out alumnus surveies at the London School of Economics. Harvard University and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Information about the traditional nutrients:

Popular regional nutrients include arroz con Cocos nucifera ( “rice with coconut” ) in coastal countries. ajicaco ( a fret ) in and near Bogota . and kidney beans ( beans ) and chicharrones ( pork rinds ) in Medellin. White rum is a typical drink of the Caribbean seashore. as is aguardiente ( an anise-flavoured cordial ) in the Highlandss. and Colombian beer is omnipresent

Name and image of the currency of state:
The Colombian peso is the official currency of Colombia
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Picture of celebrated Monument/ Ruin/ Major City and 2 facts why its of import: Puente Boyaca ( Boyaca Bridge ) Located about 120 kilometres outside of Bogota . Puente Boyaca is the most of import site in the Colombian conflict for Independence from Spain. It was here that Simon Bolivar and his military personnels defeated the Spanish and the Spanish Monarchists and won Independence from Spain – on August 7. 1819.

Picture of a celebrated individual and 2 facts about why he/she is celebrated: Shakira

Born in Barranquilla of Lebanese and European descent. she wrote her foremost verse form at the stamp age of 4. non much later the verse forms became vocals and the immature miss started singing and belly dancing her manner into universe celebrity. Winner of legion awards worldwide and recognized as one of the most successful creative persons of the last decennary. Shakira is besides the laminitis of the Pies Descalzos ( Bare Feet ) Foundation and continuously performs at benefits. Because of her compassion and engagement in planetary issues. she was named Goodwill Ambassador by UNICEF.

Picture of a celebrated individual and 2 facts about why he/she is celebrated: Juan Pablo Angel

Major League Soccer participant. born in Medellin. got his start in professional association football with Atletico Nacional. one of the city’s association football squads. After playing for River Plate in Argentina and Aston Villa in England where he was reportedly the team’s highest earner. he went on to play as a Striker for the New York Red Bulls where he became the first participant to hit in six consecutive games.

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