Name: Sana Rana I.D: F2018270005 Submitted to:

February 12, 2019 February 25th, 2019 General Studies

Name: Sana Rana
I.D: F2018270005
Submitted to: Sir Usman Khalid
Section: A
Strategic Information System
Assignment 1
MBA (Fall 2018)

Question: 1.What is network neutrality? Why has the internet operated under net neutrality up to this point in time?
Answer: Network neutrality means or defines as that the internet services providers must provide the internet data equally to everyone. There is no need of differentiation. For example: your internet has all same speed providing to all websites, but Facebook gives more money to them to provide better service whenever the Facebook user is going to use their website or provide extra speed to people rather than others. Network neutrality says every website must get equal speed if they are not going to get it the monopoly is going to get created and on the other side what is the proof that if Facebook has given them more money to provide extra speed they might low down the speed of other websites instead of giving extra speed.

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The internet operated under net neutrality up to this point in time is because of in the past there was not as many people who uses internet also the content was that available but we can see now that the content or application is being served on the first come and first served by internet service providers and also the bandwidth owners and also telephone line are known as common “carriage laws” that is customary pillar of telecommunications. So far today internet is also build on these lines and from that the network neutrality is carried forward with that.

Question: 2.Who’s in favor of net neutrality? Who’s opposed? Why?
Answer: Net neutrality is appreciated by many individuals and groups. In this it includes Google, Twitter, move On Org, Netflix, Amazon, American Civil libraties union and many more. They all support it because they say network neutrality discourages that some of the customers getting more extra speed on some websites and also to the information on the websites. Vint Verf who is the Co-inventor of internet protocol also supports the network neutral and the reason behind his supports is that the network neutrality creates barriers for new entrants as they make fake websites and provide wrong information and demand for high charges.
The opponent of net neutrality is internet service provider as they think they are allowed to charge higher prices as the other companies. Internet service providers think that the people also pay for the bandwidth (this basically measures that how much can a data can sent to a specific connection in a given time). Net neutrality is not in the favor of these telecommunications and cables companies who says that they must charge for the bandwidth as they will charge it as that how much data is sent in what specific time and on the content that is delivered on the internet. On the other side Bob Kahn is also the Co-inventor of Internet Protocol says that net neutrality do not give the edge over network just because as they are offering the equal content on the low prices as for he said this is causing some issues in order to find out something new in technology side.
Question: 3.What would be the impact on individual users, businesses, and government if the Internet providers switched to a tiered service model?
Answer: Tiered services model is known as which allows the people from the very small set of tiers at continuing increasing price points to get the things perfectly fulfilling their needs. If all of them converted to tiered service model in that case the usage of internet may get low because of high cost. In that case the people who belong to businesses they will develop their own method or alternative method just like lots companies have obtained cloud computing as their infrastructure. Government like USPS would have competitive advantage to tiered services because on the internet the people are going to spend less time on internet just for the leisure but they will use more relevant working.

Question: 4. Are you in favor of legislation enforcing network neutrality? Why or why not?
Answer: Network neutrality means as previously described that the internet service providers should provide equal access to all of their customers in content or applications, that is in this era the internet service provider which is provided to customers is based on the network neutrality because it is made on customary phone lines that did not charge much higher costs for clearer calls Vs. non-clearer.

As a regular user I am in the favor of network neutrality providing the same speed to each and every content and applications because I will not use only one application or websites for my work if only one is working for me and others speed will get low in that I will not able to do my work effectively, when there will not any network neutrality that will also cause problems in sharing of the information.



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