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Annotated Bibliography for Illegal Immigration in America
Tancredo, Tom, and Tamar Jacoby. “Does the U.S. Need Illegal Immigrants?” New York
TimesUpfront.12 Mar. 2012: 22.elibrary. Web. 6 Sept. 2013.
Jacoby and Tancredo insist that the presence of illegal immigrants is far more beneficial than
hurtful to America. They understand the concern of Americans for wanting jobs but also argue
that the immigrants are willing to do jobs that no American would ever dream of doing. Lastly,
Jacoby and Tancredo explain with the cheap wages of many of the illegal workers, prices overall
are also on the decline.
Campbell, Doug. “The ( Illegal) Immigrant Effect.”Region Focus Summer 2006: 19-23.
SIRS Issues Researcher .Web. 6 Sept. 2013.
Campbell argues that illegal immigrants are not stealing American’s jobs as many claim to be
true. He also believes that by companies paying the illegal workers less money, the company
then in turn takes those savings and passes them on to the consumers. Lastly, Campbell also
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notes with the increase in illegal immigrants, there has also been an increase in consumption due
to the growing population.
Chavez, Linda. “The Realities of Immigration.” Commentary. July-Aug. 2006: 34-40. SIRS
Issues Researcher. Web. 9 Sept. 2013.
Chavez declines the popular opinion that illegal immigrants are free riders, stating multiple times
throughout her article that most of them do pay federal taxes. She also persists that our
unemployment rate is lower than the average over the past four decades, proving that the
immigrants clearly are not the reason for our economic downfall. Lastly, Chavez strongly
believes that the only requirement to enter America be the willingness to be an American.
De Silva, Ian. “No Leniency for Illegal Aliens.” Human Events 24 Apr. 2006: Web. 14 Sept.
De Silva urges that as a naturalized American, he has the right to condemn illegal immigrants
who are disrespecting the law by line jumping. He stresses that many immigrants wait for long
periods of time in order to receive their green cards and by others overlooking this process,
the system gets out of control and unfair. Lastly, de Silva voices how wrong it is that illegal
immigrants plead for rights in a country their not welcome in.
Wiegand, Steve. “Illegal Immigration.” Mental Floss. Nov.-Dec. 2007: 34-37. SIRS
Issues Researcher. Web. 6 Sept. 2013.
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Wiegand emphasizes the importance of illegal immigrants due to their willingness to work in
unpleasant conditions. He also explain show with the illegal worker’s wages so low,
the consumers reap the benefits in the end. Lastly, Wiegand describes that, although many
believe that illegal immigrants are stealing money from hardworking Americans, they actually
have very little effect on your paycheck as a whole.
Fryberg, Stephanie A., et al. “How The Media Frames The Immigration Debate: The Critical
Role Of Location And Politics.” Analyses Of Social Issues & Public Policy 12.1 (2012):
96-112. Academic Search Complete. Web
Fryberg states this article proves how the media plays an important role in how American public
views controversial social and political issues such as immigration. The key factors of the media
are examined in depth along with location, and political ideology. The article has great
information explaining and proving that the media is one of the main reasons that
illegal immigrants suffer attitudes from Americans. This shapes my argument by informing me
that illegal immigrants are thought of as a threat to the public. The topic is considered “illegal
immigrant problem.”
Anderson, Stuart. “It Is a Myth That Illegal Immigration Leads to Higher Crime Rates.” Illegal
Immigration. Ed. Noël Merino. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2012. Current Controversies.
Rpt. from “Immigrants and Crime: Perception vs. Reality.” Immigration Reform Bulletin.
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The article clearly shows the immigration population is not a threat to society. The crime rate has
been at its lowest over a thirty-year period in the Unites States. Implementing that our nativeborn
citizens are likely to commit more crime vs. a foreign-born person. Mr. Stuart points out
statistics along with facts to inform the people of the period in which the crime rate has
fluctuated and by whom. The article also goes on to inform of that, illegal immigrants are
kidnapped, held for ransom, and beaten in order to come to this country. The crime does not have
mercy towards anyone. It informs the community of the growth of crime amongst the men that
are native born to this country vs. in a certain age rage, and explaining who is more involved in
criminal activity with credible data.
Griswold, Daniel. “Higher Immigration, Lower Crime.” Commentary 128.5 (2009):
42.MasterFILE Complete. Web.
This article points out that low- skilled illegal immigrants have less crime rate vs. Americans.
Enforcing that the illegal immigrants encourage Americans to continue with their education, and
older workers to improve their job skills. Heather Mac Donald expresses “that the immigration
policy is creating a second under class and that is of serious concern.” This was not the first time
the United States had a wave of low- skilled immigrants to flow into America, and some nativeborn
Americans feared an explosion of crime was coming amongst them. This article was of
great help to me because it informed of a similar situation before that occurred previously and
how the country progressed. The information shows what some of the opinions on illegal
immigrants are about economy and crime rate. Great statistics and data go along with this writing
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to sustain what the facts about illegal immigration very descriptive writing. Now I can say I love
this topic even more!
Recently, several illegal immigrants have been coming to America. Most of them become
criminals. They commit violent crimes and have killed many Americans. Other illegals have
been involved with illegal drugs and human trafficking. All three are very harmful to the
country. Whether or not they are imprisoned, it is a no-win situation for the country.


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