Nanotechnology: Immortality

January 19, 2017 General Studies

Nanotechnology: Immortality or total annihilation? .

Technology has evolved from ideals once seen as unbelievable to common everyday instruments. .

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Computers that used to occupy an entire room are now the size of notebooks. The human race has always .

pushed for technological advances working at the most efficient level, perhaps, the molecular level. The .

developments and progress in artificial intelligence and molecular technology have spawned a new form .

of technology; Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology could give the human race eternal life, or it could cause .

total annihilation. .

The idea of nanotech was conceived by a man named K. Eric Drexler (Stix 94), which he defines .

as “Technology based on the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules to build structures to .

complex atomic specifications (Drexler, “Engines” 288).” The technology, which Drexler speaks of, will be .

undoubtedly small; in fact, nano- structures will only measure 100 nanometers, or a billionth of a meter .

(Stix 94). .

Being as small as they are, nanostructures require fine particles that can only be seen with the .

STM, or Scanning Tunneling Microscope (Dowie 4). Moreover the STM allows the scientists to not only .

see things at the molecular level, but it can pick up and move atoms as well (Port 128). Unfortunately the .

one device that is giving nanoscientists something to work with is also one of the many obstacles .

restricting the development of nanotech. The STM has been regarded as too big to ever produce nanotech .

structures (Port 128). Other scientists have stated that the manipulation of atoms, which nanotech relies .

on, ignores atomic reality. Atoms simply don’t fit together in ways which nanotech intends to use them .

(Garfinkel 105). The problems plaguing the progress of nanotech has raised many questions among the .

scientific community concerning it’s validity. The moving of atoms, the gathering of information, the .

restrictions of the STM, all restrict nanotech progress.


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