Narrative Report

October 30, 2018 Information Technology

COLLEGE OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY A NARRATIVE REPORT ON-THE-JOB TRAINING UNDERTAKEN AT _____________COMPANY___________ Location A Report Submitted to the Faculty of the COLLEGE OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY Valencia St. , Sampaloc Manila In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY NAME OF STUDENT SY: 2013 – 2014 APPROVAL SHEET

This report attached hereto entitled “A NARRATIVE REPORT ON ON-THE-JOB TRAINING UNDERTAKEN AT __________________________” prepared and submitted by ______________________ in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation leading to the Degree in BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY (BSCT) is hereby endorsed for approval. REDENTOR P. FENSANTOS OJT Coordinator VIS II, College of Industrial Technology ____________________ Date Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements leading to the degree in BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY (BSCT)

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MARGIE R. ATIZARDO, Ed. D. Dean, College of Industrial Technology ____________________ Date ACKNOWLEDGMENTS (Start here) Acknowledgment is to take step of owning or recognizing in a particular character or relationship; recognition as regards the existence, authority, truth, or genuineness. (Type your acknowledgement here). THE TRAINEE BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Type the author’s autobiography/bibliography here. Write in third person and in paragraph form. EX: The author, Mr. REDENTOR P. FENSANTOS was born in Teresa Rizal, on September 9, 2009. He is the eldest son of Mr. Henson H.

Fensantos and Mrs. Cerma P. Fensantos. His parents occupations ________________________________. The author finished his elementary education at Teresa Elementary School and finished his secondary school education at Morong High School. The author believes that he will finish this course because his family who are very supportive, helping and sacrificing for him to have successful career. The author is also thankful to our Creator, because he gave him a wonderful family and loving parents. EARIST PHILOSOPY Education is aimed at the growth of a human being to enable him to live

peacefully with his neighboring community. To develop the moral character of a human being To develop the human being in technology, science, skills and knowledge To develop a healthy human being mentally, socially and spiritually EARIST VISION EARIST is envisioned as a dynamic institution for excellence in science and technology, advance education, engineering, ICT and allied courses. EARIST MISSION EARIST is committed to produce strong competent and highly qualified graduates in science and technology and academically prepared educators and scientists. EARIST GOAL

To provide professional, scientific, technological, technical and vocational training through quality instruction, relevant research, responsive extension and competitive production. EARIST OBJECTIVES Attain university status as the INDUSTRAI UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES. Provide and maintain state-of the art instructional facilities laboratories and equipment for quality instruction and relevant research. Support continuing faculty and staff development program. Transfer technologies in the community development. Establish local and international linkages to foster technology driven educational environment.

EARIST COLLEGE OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY MISSION, GOALS AND OBJECTIVES CIT MISSION To turn out technically and technologically self-sufficient and disciplined graduates capable of contributing to the economic development of the country either as hired workers or entrepreneurs through its programs. CIT GOAL Provides appropriate professional, technical and technological instruction and training in Industrial Technology and promote research, production and entrepreneurship. CIT GENERAL OBJECTIVE Achieve quality instruction, research, extension and production through appropriate continuing faculty development programs in industrial technology.

Produce technically competitive graduates by providing capability build-up responsible to the needs of industry. BSCT SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Familiarize students with the current technologies and tools while learning new ways that will lead to the development of better information systems Train the students on the different components of information and communication fields including hardware, software, data communications, networks, people, and management skills. Provide solutions methodologically and practically to a variety of technological and managerial issues to ultimately improve technological strategies and competitive advantage.

Development entrepreneurial know-how and innovative thinking in pursuing continuous self and organization improvement. Turn out globally competitive Information Technology professionals who are knoledgeable and skillful and imbued with proper work attitudes and values to man the needs of the IT industry. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No. Title Pagei Approval Sheetii Acknowledgementiii Bibliographical Sketchiv Institute Vision, Mission, Goals andv Objectives of the College of Industrial Technology Table of Contentsvi CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION1 Historical Background of the Company Vision/Mission/Objectives of the Company

Organizational Chart of the Company Department/Division/Section Personnel In-Charge and Designation Inclusive Dates of Training 2 DAILY ROUTINARY ACTIVITIES Daily Routines (Summary) 3 SELF-ASSESSMENT Achievements a. Skills and Current Technology Learned/Enforced b. Equipment, systems , server, network, etc. handled c. Operating Systems (OS), application software, data and network program d. Strong Points Versus Weak Points e. Best Experience on the Job Problems a. Causes b. Suggested Solutions Personal Relations: Integration with the Company Personnel Attendance and Punctuality Interest and Commitment 4 RECOMMENDATIONS

Potential of Company as a Training Ground a. Availability and Appropriateness of Facilities, Systems equipment, application software and programs b. Company Personnel Cooperation Assessment on the Duration of Training Recommendation / Suggestion to Future Student-Trainee APPENDICES Appendix A. Curriculum Vitae Appendix B. Endorsement Letter Appendix C. Company Training Agreement Appendix D. Certification of Completion Appendix E. Training Evaluation Appendix F. Daily Activity Sheet Appendix G. Daily Time Record Appendix H. Company Location Map Appendix I. OJT Photos Appendix J. Compiled Documentation on CD/DVD


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