National Drug Control Strategy

“Each year the President develops the National Drug Control Strategy, which is the Nation’s plan for combating the use and availability of illicit drugs. The National Drug Control Strategy—Budget Summary identifies resources that support the three key elements of the Strategy: (1) Stopping Use Before it starts; (2) Intervening and Healing America’s Drug Users; and, (3) Disrupting the Market. The Budget Summary demonstrates a balanced approach to drug control policy, where activities to reduce the demand for narcotics are augmented by efforts to stem their supply” (FY 2008).

The total drug budget adds up to $ 12,961 billion. The President believes the most effective way to reduce the supply of drugs in America is to reduce the demand for drugs in America by stopping drug use before it starts. My Budget would include $3 billion for the media campaign, which attempts to educate young people about drug use and its consequences through targeted, paid messages in both the traditional mass media and on other media like the Internet, to prevent the illegal use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco by youth.

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Adolescents are often reluctant to talk with adults about drugs and alcohol and they may have difficulty finding counseling and treatment in their own communities. Reduce drug use among adolescents is very important because facts state,” one third of adolescents aged 12 to 17 drank alcohol in the past year, one fifth used an illicit drug, and one sixth smoked cigarettes” (the OAS report). This would also include awards for National Youth Anti- Drug Media Campaign.

Students would get their knowledge of drugs, and crime through these campaigns, in school there would be special time dedicated to introduce and inform students about substance use facts. Therefore, preventing the drug problem before it starts is very important because it would educate students and many others. Local efforts by themselves are not enough. Disrupting the drug trade remains an essential part of the federal government’s approach to drug control.

Internationally, disrupting the drug trade includes tracking and stopping aircraft and ships attempting to smuggle illegal drugs into the United States, cooperative efforts with other nations to dismantle drug production facilities, taking apart drug trafficking and money laundering organizations, and building the political and legal institutions to deter future drug trafficking. This would also include the reduction of government and law enforcement corruption. The budget would include $6 billion for this initiative. When prevention and enforcement efforts fail, we must treat those who abuse drugs.

Therefore, about $ 3 billion, nine hundred sixty one dollars would be spent on drug abuse intervention, treatment and recovery, for example, AA (alcohol anonyms) sessions, individuals who need constant medical attention. “Treatment can be difficult to find, especially for adolescents, and parents and other concerned adults often do not know what to look for when selecting a program. Drug Strategies developed Treating Teens: A Guide to Adolescent Drug Programs (2003) to help parents, teachers, judges, counselors and other concerned adults make better choices about teen treatment.

Guided by leading treatment researchers and clinicians, Treating Teens identifies 9 key elements of effective adolescent drug treatment; provides current, reliable information on 144 adolescent treatment programs across the country and offers practical resources, such as hot-line help telephone numbers for each state and questions to ask when considering a program” (drug strategies). In conclusion, this is how I would budget $12,961 on the drug control.

Three billion on preventing the problem before it starts; six billion on government corruption and three billion nine hundred sixty one would be spent on treatment. The Office of National Drug Control Policy has the lead responsibility within the Executive Office of the President to establish policies, priorities, and objectives for the Nation’s drug control program, with the goal of reducing the production, availability, and use of illegal drugs. All lawful and reasonable means must be used to ensure that the United States has a comprehensive and effective National Drug Control Strategy



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