?National Integration in India. Essay

By July 17, 2017 Cultural

National Integration is a feeling that binds together the citizens of our state and do us to believe and move as if we are one. India is a land of diverseness. There are many linguistic communications, faiths, castes, races and civilizations in India. Since ancient times, people belonging to different communities, races, faith and cultural groups have been populating in harmoniousness. Toleration is characteristic characteristic of India’s civilization and heritage. During the Mughal and British regulation, there had been many efforts to weaken this integrity. Using the policy of divide and regulation, they created a disunity among the people by inciting communal feelings.

National Integration is of great significance in a state like India where varied civilizations, faiths and linguistic communications exist. Integration is non achieved in India because of communalism, castism and lingual differences. The demand for national integrating is of extreme importance at this period of India’s history. National integrating is really indispensable for societal peace and harmoniousness. No advancement can be made in the field of art, literature, scientific discipline, engineering and economic system without integrating. India can non play an effectual function in the international sphere unless she sets her ain house in order. We can non bask peace and security unless there is common trust and good will among all subdivisions of our people.

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For national integrating, it is really indispensable that people should give up communal and sectarial mentality. They should see themselves as Indians first and Indians last.The immoralities of casteism and lingual isolation should be rooted out. Economic inequalities among the people should besides be removed. Merely in this mode can we put the foundation of a strong and united India.


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