National Unity

What does the caring for country mean to you and how exactly can this be achieve? Pressures, tension and stress are ubiquitous. People face trials and tribulations daily in the concrete forest and not a soul can deny that truth. Obviously this causes stress in people’s lives. It seems this Earth is a bane for all of us and this is made worse by ruthless and selfish people. Due to all these, people’s hearts seem to be torn and tattered. However their broken hearts can be healed. They can be healed if we all begin to strive for a caring society. So how exactly can this be achieve? Firstly, a campaign should be launched.

Not only that it should be launched as often as possible. A campaign can acts as a conduit to pass down the importance of caring society to the community. This can be done by giving a speech to the community and passing fliers of pamphlets around the community to make them aware that a caring society is nowadays imperative for all souls around the world. If this is not done, probably, the world will never be a better place to live in. Besides, religious leaders can bring a caring society into existence. It is indeed true that most religions teach people to be selfless, caring and sensitive to people needs.

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These are all virtues which the world truly need. It is the constant craving of all the people in the world. So, if religious leaders do constantly remind people that God has asked everyone to be caring, hence, people will at least make an effort to inculcate that values and other virtues which the religious leaders have reminded them. That is not only what they can do. They must also practice those moral values and not only teach them so that they will be exemplary to the people so that people will manage to make those virtues to become their second nature.



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