Native Americans Essay

Squanto: ·Was sold into slavery ·Wampanoag ·Translator. non a cheif ·Was a plotter ·Friendy towards europeans/whites ·Joined the pilgram community ·A Patuxet ·Belonged to the Wampanoag folk ·Dies in his late 30s Pwwhatan: ·Chief ·Wanted what was best for his folk ·Did non similar europeans/whites ·Agressive ·Stood his land ·Died in his late seventies Similarities: ·Both were Native Americans Compare and Contrast Chart: Native American Tribes Tribe # 1: Kickapoo

Government: All Kickapoo followed the traditional division of labour. puting runing activities and protection of the small town or cantonment in the charge of work forces who besides cleared new feilds for seting. Womans were chiefly responsible for garnering wild works nutrients. planting and be givening harvests. edifice houses. cookery. and child attention. On big runing runs. everyone helped. the adult females processed the meat and subsequently the fells of the animate beings that the work forces killed. Economy: Adept hunting and assemblage. chiefly cervid and bison every bit good as other game.

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Wild workss and nuts were supplemented by the corn. beans. and pumpkins they planted in the spring. The Kickapoo became involved in the fur trade and subsequently delt with other goods as good. after comming in contact with the Europeans. The Kickapoo were finally going known as shrewd bargainers. Religion: Belief in spirit couriers. The supreme divinity is Kisiihiat. who created the universe and resides in the sky. Culture: The civilization hero. Wiaaka. the boy of Kisiihiat. who created the Indian universe and taught the Kickapoo to construct their houses. which are critical elements to the Kickapoo faith.

Religious pattern is organized around sacred packages for kins and herbal societies. Tribe # 2: Wampanoag Government: The Wampanoag had a matrilineal system. in which adult females controlled belongings and familial ststus was passed though the maternal line. Female seniors approved choice of heads or sachems. although males had most of the political functions for dealingss between folks and warfare. The Wampanoag were organized into a alliance. where head sachem/political leader presided over a figure of other sachems. Economy: The Wampanoag had a traditional economic system based on fishing and agribusiness.

Religion: The Wampanoag’s faith was called Spiritualism. They thanked Mother Earth. animate beings. workss. birds. fish. and all living things for the gifts they gave to the Wampanoag. Womans were the religious leaders of their families. One of the spiritual holidays the Wampanoag celebrated was the Wampanoag New Year. This jubilation took topographic point in the spring. The Wampanoag besides prayed in the spring when they planted seeds. Culture: The Wampanoag originally spoke a idiom of the Massachusett-Wampanoag linguistic communication. which belongs to the Algonkian linguistic communication household.



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