Native Americans in the United States and European Colonists Essay

July 28, 2017 General Studies

Early brushs between American Indians and European settlers led to a assortment of relationships among the different civilizations. Analyze how the actions taken by BOTH American Indians and European settlers shaped those relationships in TWO of the undermentioned parts. Restrict your reply to the 1600’s.

Early relationships between American Indians and European settlers differed among the dissimilar civilizations. The brushs between the American Indians and the New England Colonists ended in treachery and resentment while the relationships between the Indians and the Spanish Southwest was violent and hateful.

In New England during November of 1620. the first European settlers arrived to set up Plymouth Colony. During the rough winter. half of the settlers had perished. When the lasting settlers arrived. a twosome of Indians came to assist them. The Indians taught the settlers how to turn and fertilise maize harvests. Soon. the Europeans became successful husbandmans and began merchandising with Indians for pelt. As the Europeans became more self-sufficing. they turned their pieces at the Wampanoag Indians and forced them to declare English Sovereignty.

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For coevalss. the aggression toward the Wampanoag Indians from Europeans continued. After old ages of ill will toward the Indians. the governor or Plymouth received information that the Wampanoag head. Metacom was be aftering a war against the English. The Indian who provided the information to the English was named Sassamon and was known as a “faithful Indian” to the English. He was murdered by the Indians for bewraying them. Soon after in 1675. the English hung three Wampanoag Indians therefore get downing King Philip’s war. This war resulted in halting the Indian’s opposition to colonial enlargement and wiped out about 40 per centum of the Native American population in New England.


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