Natural as it doesn’t interfere with life).

April 23, 2019 Philosophy

Natural rights aren’t given by the government or different cultures; they are what we should get as human beings (therefore everyone has them (or should have them) and no-one can take them away).
John Locke (an English philosopher) says that some natural rights are; life (everyone has the right to live once they’re alive) and liberty (everyone should be able to do what they want as long as it doesn’t interfere with life). That’s just what he said, different philosophers will have different opinions, but it comes down to fundamental human rights. Natural rights, also called moral rights or inalienable rights, are rights people have that are not contingent upon the laws, customs, or beliefs on a particular society. Some societies believe there are no such things as natural rights. Some examples could be a right to worship, a right to property, or a right to a voice in their own government.
The word ‘natural’ in this context, refers to the philosophy of one’s ‘natural’ responsibility to one’s self, family, community, state and country to keep one another free from tyranny, oppression, and defend the lives of these respective people. Firearms are/were a physical representation of the intended ‘natural’ right for one to defend one’s self against oppressive or an aggressively attacking source. Though firearms are not natural, this aspect of defense is considered to be natural by the Founding Father’s and their philosophy. Naturally, by extension, the Founding Father’s wanted each individual to have access to the tools and resources necessary to execute this natural right, so they made a provision to protect it.
This is why many of the Founding Father’s, most notably Jefferson, not only wanted each individual to own a firearm, but wanted each state to have it’s own standing army. In this way both the people and the states could fight against another state or the Federal Government if they sought to take away rights and freedoms from the people. Additionally, this standing army could be called out of its reserve to assist in Federal/International wars. This philosophy operates on the theory or assumption that the majority of people are good and the only the minority are evil or otherwise ill-intentioned.
The heart of the philosophy is simple. People have certain, natural, unalienable rights that no government nor other social-political body or other individual(s) may infringe upon, otherwise the infringer loses their rights i.e. prison or defensive attack and possible death. The defender has the ‘natural’ right, duty, or obligation to use tools and weapons, such as but not limited to, firearms in defense of these rights and freedoms


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