Naturalistic Observation Essay

October 1, 2017 General Studies

My observation locations are Starbucks and eating house. I chose them as my observation location because those are the topographic points where people usually talk. survey. socialise and interact in a insouciant mode.

Woman & A ; Woman

The first brace I observed is adult female and adult female. It was in the Starbucks. two Korean adult females around 19 old ages old are standing on the line to purchase java. Neither of them were speaking on the cell phone and the 1 in the forepart ( adult female A ) turned around to confront the other one ( adult female B ) . Women A were arm crossed in a relax mode. adult female B held her keys with her right manus and her billfold on the other manus. I guess adult female A were speaking about something truly amusing because they were both express joying after she said something. Between the minutes where right after adult female A finished her speaking and before they started express joying. adult female A ever lightly and rapidly touched adult female B’s arm. They were standing really near to each other and after they bought the java. they sat at one tabular array.

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They faced to each other and both of them held their java and somewhat leaned frontward to each other while they were speaking. They both looked confident and enjoyed about the treatment and did listen to each other with concentration and attending. No affair they were standing up or sitting down. their organic structure position were random. relax and wholly unfastened to each other. They looked at each other in a direct regard about all the clip. I think the lone clip they did non looked at each other straight was when they were seeking to remember something while they were speaking. Although I didn’t know what they were speaking. based on their gestural motions. I think self- revelation exists in their treatment ; for illustration. when adult female B were speaking something that she weren’t so happy about. she would foremost utilize her right manus to touch her chest and so make out the manus.

Man & A ; Man

I observed this brace in a Chinese eating house. Actually there were three people. two work forces and one adult female. they were approximately 20 old ages old and they were both Chinese. The first thing I observed as they walked in is the adult female walked in the forepart and the two work forces walked side-by-side. Then after the waitress leaded them to their tabular array. adult male A and adult male B automatically chose to sit together side by side ; from this behaviour. I guessed three of them were merely friend. none of those two work forces were the woman’s fellow or something.

During the speaking. two work forces ne’er faced or straight gaze to each other ; they merely turned their caput a small. Two work forces evidently put more attending on eating. they didn’t look interested in the treatment the adult female brought up and were merely busy eating their nutrient. Furthermore. I observed a really interesting thing ; when the adult females ate the dishes in forepart of her a batch. but non fast ; and when she wanted to take nutrient from the dishes that were far off from her and in forepart of the cats. she would convey up some treatment. seek to acquire their attending on her face ; so she would acquire the nutrient while still speaking to the cats.

Woman & A ; Man

The last brace I observed was back to Starbucks. There were three people sitting together with their computing machines on the tabular array. One adult female and two work forces. they were both Americans and around 25 old ages old. I guess they were making a undertaking together. because the adult female kept speaking to the adult male who sat following to her ( adult male A ) with her regard altering from the computing machine to the adult male and so back to computing machine. Maybe it was the place and those large computing machines on the tabular array. the adult female hardly talked to adult male B who sat across the tabular array. When the adult female was directing her thoughts. adult male A ever interrupted and repeated what he thought she was speaking about ; For illustration. he would state: “you mean…put this …right? ” Sometimes adult male A acted like he wasn’t interested at her thought at all. he merely bends his foreheads and says that he doesn’t agree with it. Then the adult female would turn her caput back to face computing machine and did non looked so happy about that. her facial look appears less happy than earlier.

From my observation. I found out that the forms I noticed such as adult females liked to portion more personal information and they would wish to speak to each other without a elephantine infinite between. and would wish to speak face to face ; Men don’t like sit with face-to-face place. they prefer side-by-side ; In the concern treatment. adult male make the major determination. From this observation experience. I observed tonss of small inside informations that we normally missed in our day-to-day life. Because they are excessively small and look excessively normal. we don’t normally think they are a large trade and merely allow them go through by. However. no affair they were facial. verbal or gestural ; merely those small inside informations can state us many things about what’s traveling on. what’s the temper between people and all sorts of material.


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