Nature and Culture in Wuthering Heights Essay

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In Wuthering Heights there is a clear conflict between human nature. and the effort to command it with civilisation and civilization. The struggle between nature and civilization which is a portion of the thematic construction of this novel is presented in the relationship between two abodes: Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange every bit good as its dwellers. Wuthering Highs represents the abandon of nature. passion and life. where as Thrushcross Grange stands for a refined manner of life. civility and civilization.

Wild. dark and cryptic visual aspect of Wuthering Heights is a symbolic of its dwellers. Heathcliff a distinguishable member of Earnshaw household symbolizes the natural state and natural forces which often appear to be amoral and unsafe for society. And Catherine a representative member of Earnshaw household may be a lovely capturing miss. nevertheless is seldom every bit civilized as she pretends to be. In her bosom she is ever that wild misss playing in Moors with Heathcliff. On the other manus Thrushcross’s positive and soothing visual aspect is a symbolic of its dwellers who grew in a pleasant manner of life. The Linton household in contrast to the Earnshaw. are excessively civilized and refined. Edgar Linton in contrast to Heathcliff is an educated. refined. baronial adult male.

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In the novel the scene and conditions reflect the temper of the characters and their actions. The environment in which they live is another manner to understand the struggle between nature and civilization in this novel.

Wuthering Highs first appears in a stormy. coldness and dark scene. The Highs have wild. blowy Moors. and its dwellers possess the same features. Opposite to this is frequently the composure. orderly Parks of the Grange and its refined dwellers. Thrushcross Grange is located in the vale with none of the characteristics that appear in Wuthering Heights. The characters at the Highs are more at place outside in the Moors. while those at the Grange base on balls the clip with quiet. lone enterprises such as reading.

Wuthering Heights is linked to aggression and force both through the stormy conditions every bit good as its dwellers. Where as Thrushcross embodies comfort and civilisation protected against the force and stormy Moors.

In this fresh Emelie Bronte points out the jobs with both wild and egoistic ways which might be natural to human sort. and the highly secured ways of the elect category of the Victorian universe. It is this exciting and challenging subject that sets this fresh aside from many other Gothic novels of its clip.


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