Nature in Frankenstein Essay

August 21, 2017 General Studies

Within Frankenstein. Shelley uses nature as a disciplinary agent for Victor Frankenstein. one of the chief characters. While he is in mourning by the slayings of his friends and household members. he often seeks nature for relaxation and aid to steer him to triumph. To get down with Shelley uses natural metaphors to depict Victor’s childhood. “I find it arise. like a mountain river. from ignoble and about disregarded sources” . The usage of Mountain River to depict feelings that victor holds is the beginning of a subject that is continued throughout the book. This debut to nature and human feeling’s. shows how Shelley would instead utilize metaphors of a natural scene instead than other descriptions. Alternatively of associating Victor’s feelings to other characters. Shelley chooses the more ‘romantic’ image of a ‘Mountain River’ . As the book progresses. nature become Victors personal therapy when he undergoes torture or emphasis and Shelley creates a connexion between Victor and nature.

Shelley describes Victor’s recovery from his grave unwellness through his connexion with nature. Although he is nursed by his closest friend. it is the external respiration of the air that eventually gives him strength. “…My wellness and liquors had long been restores. and they gained extra strength from the healthy air I breathed…” Here Victor is so taken in with this he really additions strength from the air that he didn’t have earlier. The usage of the word ‘salubrious’ which means to convey wellness reinforces the thought that the air has saved him. and that nature is renewing. Throughout Frankenstein it is nature that keeps Victor healthy plenty to go on on his journey. “I remained two yearss at Lausanne. in this painful province of head. I contemplated the lake: the Waterss were placid ; all around was calm. and the snowy mountains. the topographic points of nature. were non changed. By degrees the composure and heavenly scene restored me. and I continued my journey towards Geneva” “…bright acme of Mont Blanc.

I wept like a kid: “Dear Mountains! My ain beautiful lake! How do you welcome your roamer? Your acmes are clear ; the sky and lake are bluish and placid. Is this to predict peace or to mock at my sadness? ” Victor’s reaction to nature and Mont Blanc provides grounds that lone nature can reconstruct Victor to wellness. As he gets closer to being with his household. Victor’s temper doesn’t alteration. His enthusiasms to the mountains are more passionate than his attitude to his household. It shows that his relationship with nature goes beyond any relationship he could hold with his household or any human being. Victor is encompassing nature for comfort instead than his household. He is “particularly agreeable” in traveling as he can non get away his household in Geneva who are “irksome” . He makes it clear that he would instead row a boat on a lake than be with people. His usage of the word “free” implies that he is merely free when he is with one with nature.

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Rather than being forced to be with his household. he sees this as imprisonment more than anything. This provides grounds that he can merely happen peace by taking a boat onto the H2O so he can be entirely with nature. Another character that consequences to nature is Elizabeth. She is a close household friend and she and Victor get married as Victor’s father thinks this would be the best thing to make in these fortunes. On their nuptials dark Victor is in such a disgusting temper that. Elizabeth resorts to nature in an effort to hearten him. “Observe how fast we move along. and how the clouds which sometimes obscure. and sometimes lift above the dome of Mont Blanc. render this scene of beauty still more interesting” .

Her usage of nature demonstrates her apprehension that Victor has rejected humanity and adoptive nature. However her effort is excessively late as Victor has sunk excessively deep in desperation to be cheered up even by nature Nature is far more of import to Victor’s wellness than any other agent in the narrative. and the image of natural scenes become inordinate as Frankenstein unfolds. While Victor claims to be destroyed by the monster’s murdering of his friends and household. he seems to be drawn to nature for support. and non his friends or household. His compulsion with nature seems more and more changeless as he hides from humanity. Shelley makes extended usage of nature as the beginning of stableness for Victor in a universe that he has himself undone.


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