Navigating the Ctu Virtual Campus

June 11, 2018 General Studies

Joshua Riddle INTD111-0803B-57: Creating Academic and Professional Success Abstract It is the purpose of this discussion post to explain how Carrie can easily get acquainted with the CTU Virtual Campus. Specifically to explain how Carrie can participate in various learning labs as well as join the Criminal Justice and Parents Clubs that are a part of the CTU Virtual Commons. The easiest way for Carrie to navigate the Virtual Campus is by using the horizontal navigation menu at the top of every page on the Virtual Campus.

There will also be a detailed tour Friday August 22nd @ 10am CST to cover how to submit assignments, how to access additional resources, as well as labs and library access (Troutman, 2008). Also there is a great online tutorial for Carrie “with helpful hints for navigating our Virtual Campus” (http://breeze. careeredonline. com/vctour/) (How to Navigate ¶2, 2008). In order for Carrie to get involved in the English and Math Labs she will need to open the Learning Center webpage by clicking on the Learning Center link in the horizontal navigation menu at the top of the Virtual Campus website.

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This link is available from anywhere on the Virtual Campus. After opening the Learning Center webpage, Carrie will need to click on either the Learning Labs link in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen or the Learning Labs link in the center column. Once the Learning Labs page is open, a detailed list of suggested and available labs will be presented to Carrie in the center column of the webpage. All Carrie will have to do to join these labs is click on their respective links and jump right in to the activities available in the labs.

More detailed information about participating in these labs can be found under the announcements section in the center column of the lab webpage for both the Math and English Labs. In order for Carrie to join the Criminal Justice and Parents clubs she will need to navigate to the Virtual Commons area of the Virtual Campus. This can be done just as easily as she navigated to the Learning Center. Carrie needs to first click the Virtual Commons link in the horizontal navigation menu at the top of the Virtual Campus webpage.

Again, this link is available from any section of the Virtual Campus. After scrolling down the Virtual Commons webpage Carrie will find a section with the heading “Clubs”. After clicking the “Join a club today” link in that section Carrie will be taken to a webpage with a list of all available clubs for her to join. This same list will also note which clubs Carrie is already a member of. In order for Carrie to join the Criminal Justice Club all she has to do is click the “Join” link to the right of the listing for that club.

The “Join” link will then change to “In Progress”. After a few moments it will finally change to “Member”. Carrie is now a member of the Criminal Justice Club! This membership would mean absolutely nothing however if Carrie did not know how to navigate to the Criminal Justice Club’s webpage. All she has to do to get there is click the link that matches the title of the club she has joined. Carrie can follow this same simple process to join the Parents Club.

In conclusion, Carrie is now able to access helpful resources to assist her in navigating the CTU Virtual Campus, she has successfully begun participated in multiple learning labs, and is a participating member of the Criminal Justice Club and the Parent Club. Carrie felt this lesson seemed a little complicated, but after following the instructions she found the Virtual Campus to be much easier to navigate than originally expected. References How to Navigate the VC and Submit Tasks ¶2, (2008, July 7th) from campus. ctuonline. edu . Troutman, N (2008, August 20th) Virtual Campus Tour from campus. ctuonline. edu.


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