Nba vs. Ncaa

November 9, 2017 Communication

NBA vs. NCAA The two sport leagues that I chose to compare are the NCAA and the NBA. The sport that is being played is still basketball just in two different leagues. One is college level and the other is professional. The ball that is used is the same, the hoops are still ten feet off the ground, and the foul line is still 15 feet from the backboard. Although the game that is played is similar, when it comes to the strategic sport communication model there are many differences. When it comes to each organization conducting intrapersonal, interpersonal and small group communication I think that the NBA uses this the most.

Since the NBA is a professional team they are always going to be in the spotlight. Just as often as they are in the spotlight for doing well they are also constantly in the spotlight for when they mess up as well. Therefore this communication is important so that the fans can get the players side of the story. This applies to the coaches as well as the players. When it comes to the NCAA, I think that they don’t use this communication as much. If anyone is going to be in the interviews it will be the coach of that team speaking as a whole for his or her team. I think they keep the players out of it for their safety.

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I do think that as players get ready to leave college and either takes their sport to the next level or just move on with their lives that they come more into counter with the media. The players start to get their name out there so that if they want to continue the game of basketball they might be able to go into the NBA. When it comes to the NBA organization they clearly have more money than the college level. This allows them to have their team published, printed and interviewed as much as possible to get their team noticed and out in the public. You can find articles on the NBA in newspapers, magazines, on the internet, or the television.

The same type of printing is used for the NCAA. The only difference is that players in the NBA may have books written on their lives such as autobiographies whereas a player in the NCAA hasn’t made a name for themselves yet. Another difference is NBA players tend to have more articles on individual players as well as teams unlike the NCAA tend to only have articles on the teams. The articles will highlight key players but tends to focus on the group as a whole. When it comes to sport communication services and support this is an important factor for either organization.

Advertising on the NBA level is extremely important. Being able to have a recognizable face both on and off the court is important. There is always someone following, writing and documenting every move you make. As an NBA player you are more on a celebrity status. People want to write a story about you whether it is positive or negative. Being able to get involved with the community is important. Being able to draw more positive than negative to your name is always a plus. As an NBA player you tend to do more commercials, charities, fund raisers to boost visibility.

The more you get your name and face out in the public the better this could be for your career. When it comes to the NCAA, being able to have a positive ring to your name is always a plus when you’re looking to take that next step. If you’re a player in the NCAA and all their ever are is articles of you getting in trouble that’s only going to bring negativity to you as the player as well as to the team you are playing for. This could end your career before it even gets started. As an NCAA player, the use of advertising isn’t too important unless you plan on being out in the public and making a name for yourself.

Then it is extremely important to only draw positive attention to you. Being that you play for an NCAA team this doesn’t only reflect on you as an individual but also on the team that you play for and the coach that you are representing whenever you are off the court. All three of these communication techniques are strategic to a sport organization. How a sport organization chooses to use them can determine a positive or negative outlook for that team. Being knowledgeable in these areas and being able to make network connections can also play a significant role in how successful you will be.


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