Negative Population Growth

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations. ” – Charles F. Kettering Our community grows, but the members Of society seem to just live for their own good; contributions to the ones around come at very infrequent intervals. Schools have such competitive attitudes that teamwork has almost become extinct. There is absolutely no emphasis in bringing out the developing minds’ ambitions that aren’t academically related. These minds go into the world without any knowledge what they are capable of and spread the “crab” or “why should l” mentality to other communities.

It should be universally known that academics aren’t the basis for success and accomplishment. A basic assembly, pep rally, or seminar acknowledging this fact could expand these still open minds into a whole other world of possibilities. In our current state as a community, children are often taught to only achieve sole success and to benefit themselves. What I suggest is that there are activities or classes integrated into the academic curriculum in schools to show the next generation what they can do to help their community prosper and how they can go about doing these things.

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School pondered events that allow students to receive addition credit or some other type of positive reinforcement for the completion of volunteer work is just one of many ways this vision can be achieved. Celebrities and star athletes have come to the realization that they are not limited to common opportunities in this society. If one is not able to excel in one area, they are destined to excel in another. A small community such as Warner Robins needs to have one of great accomplishments speak to the mass and open their eyes not to what couldn’t be, but what could.

All that is required is a SSH in the right direction, an opening to the truth that will set the grounds of the great potential presidents, musicians and actors, or high ranking political figures. A celebrity is indeed an idol for the upcoming adults from the community he or she is from. It alone implants the idea that ambition and dedication from an alternative could take them places they had only dreamed of going. That is why I would like to be the impact Of my where am from. I want to strive to become the one that these children look up to; to lead a better town of productivity and dreams.



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