Negotiation Group Reflection Essay

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The dialogue with the Island Queen Company progressed really good and achieved a good consequence. The fact that both parties were implementing an integrative collaborative scheme resulted in a really pleasant and good dialogue for both parties. Even though the consequence was lower than our mark. it was above our BATNA and opposition point and was deemed to delight both parties and as our scheme was besides to a great extent concerned with constructing a strong relationship with the other company we believe that we achieved a successful consequence.

Throughout the dialogue each issue was discussed one at a clip to assist make an result that was acceptable for both parties. Due to each party sharing information and their motive to accomplish a certain consequence made it was easy to work together to achieve common understanding over each issue. The attained understanding between the companies was 350 people at a clip. 9 visits a twelvemonth with 1 twenty-four hours visits. This consequence achieved our ends to protect the environment and civilization of our island whilst still keeping a grade of touristry that will let for the industry to boom. Impacts of schemes

Collaborative besides referred to as integrative bargaining is a method of difference declaration and this scheme is based on prosecuting cooperation as a response to conflict ( Din-Dayal. 2006 ) . The squad employed this integrative collaborative dialogue scheme to seek and accomplish an result that is good to both parties whilst keeping a good relationship for the six-year concern understanding. The Island Queen Company besides used an integrative collaborative scheme. which resulted in a really pleasant dialogue with minimal struggles. Both parties were able to easy discourse their points of position on issues and convey up any concerns over the understanding. Impacts of tactics

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A good dialogue tactics can further unfastened dialogues and avoid placement ( Zack. 1993 ) . The tactics used by the squad appeared to work efficaciously throughout the dialogue. We used originative solutions such as the soap 350 tourers on the island at a clip but no bound to how the sail ship arranged this to efficaciously work out the tourer figure issue. This was besides combined with our hearing and sharing information schemes to assist accomplish reciprocally good consequences. The opposing squad besides appeared to utilize these tactics. which assisted both squads in accomplishing a really successful dialogue.

Strengths and failings
The squad worked good together and cooperated good to accomplish an effectual figure of schemes and tactics to be used in the dialogue. The squad members have the basic improvisational accomplishments. such as acknowledging a member’s offer of information or choosing functions to play within the dialogue. An effectual improviser can do the best of the state of affairss. and improvisation accomplishments can assist weaker party turn the tabular arraies and reframe the dialogue procedure ( Balachandra. Bordone. Menkel-Meadow. Ringstrom & A ; Sarath. 2005 ) .

We besides implemented the schemes good throughout the dialogue every bit good as hearing and sharing information efficaciously. We believe that even though we may hold relented easy on some issues in the dialogue this did play into our scheme of constructing a strong relationship between both companies for the six-year continuance of the understanding.

The dialogue with Island Queen was good nevertheless it was finished rather rapidly and felt a spot rushed. As we proceeded through the dialogue so rapidly we had glossed over some minor issues that had non been discussed. This meant there was no understanding over these issues. which could supply serious jobs in the hereafter. This job may hold besides been attributed to our deficiency of construction with our dialogue subjects. Even though our planning was completed good we did non discourse every point that we planned to. Through the dialogue the chief issues were focused on nevertheless we missed some smaller issues by non mentioning to our be aftering signifier during the dialogue procedure.

Lessons learnt
In future dialogues it will be of import to larn from our failings and in this instance we could better our dialogue by taking more clip and efficaciously mentioning to our be aftering signifier during the dialogue. By taking more clip and attention with our dialogue we won’t experience as rushed to make a solution and we are more likely to farther show our ideas and beliefs about the issues. Besides we will give the opposing squad more clip to show their concerns and potentially accomplish a more good consequence.

Besides we must decently mention to our be aftering signifier throughout our dialogues. This will guarantee that we do non lose any issues every bit good as utilizing our tactics and schemes in the manner they were intended to be used. We believe that by making this we will besides supply a concise and effectual dialogue that will avoid any clip blowing on irrelevant subjects. Mentions

Din-Dayal. I. ( 2006 ) . Student believing on collaborative dialogue. ( Order No. 3221589. Harvard University ) . ProQuest Dissertations and Theses. . 265-265 p. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //search. proquest. com/docview/305338964? accountid=13380. ( 305338964 ) . Zack. James G. . . Jr. ( 1993 ) . Negotiation of colonies – A squad athletics. Minutess of AACE International. . 10. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //search. proquest. com/docview/208191638? accountid=13380 Balachandra. L. . Bordone. R. C. . Menkel-Meadow. C. . Ringstrom. P. . & A ; Sarath. E. ( 2005 ) . Improvisation and dialogue: Expecting the unexpected. Negotiation Journal. 21 ( 4 ) . 415-423. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //search. proquest. com/docview/205184906? accountid=13380


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