neighbor rosicky

January 3, 2017 General Studies

Rosicky’s family values were apparent. The undertones of this story were filled with morality and warmth. The man character,m Rosicky, was the patriarch of his family. He led them with compassion. In being with them, they were each at their best. .

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In the beginning of the story, Rosicky was at the doctor’s office getting examined. It was evident in his actions and words that he didn’t wish for anyone to worry over him. This is why when the doctor told him of his heart issues, he tried to make light of it when he told his wife. He is truly a good husband because he would to anything to avid causing his wife displeasure.

Rosicky could see that his son (Rudolph) and his son’s wife (Polly) were having problems. He offered to clean up the house while they went to the movies. He also gave them his car and some money so that they could go to the movies. In his generosity, he hoped that the night out would raise Polly’s spirits. This showed how much he cared about his son and Polly.

Even in his illness, Rosicky was concerned with his family. Rosicky suffered a heart attack as he was raking. As he clenched his chest, he still soothed Polly. He told her that he felt fine. The very next day he passed away. His death brought all his family even closer together.

Throughout the story, Rosicky displayed his family values. He constantly put his loved ones before himself. His warm attitude both helped him and hurt him. His attitude helped him in that others were kind in response to it, it hurt him because his worry for others caused his death. No matter what the situation, Rosicky always stuck to his moral code and lived with a kind heart. .


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