Nelson Mandela

June 9, 2018 Politics

Nelson Mandela was born in South Africa in 1918; he served as the South African President from 1994 – 1999. During his life and his presidency he not only endured many negative experiences but he also made numerous positive choices making South Africa a more harmonious country. Nelson Mandela’s personal history serves as an important piece of the puzzle. Before Nelson Mandela became president he had been sentenced to life imprisonment in which he only served 27 years. Mandela started as political activist against the apartheid.

The apartheid was a time in South Africa in which white and black people were segregated and giving different rights and liberties; with black people being at a massive disadvantage. Whilst in prison Nelson Mandela used the time to study and enhance his passion in politics. This led to the most important election in South African history which was the elections of Nelson Mandela into presidency; being the first ever full democracy election. This meant that the voice of the people was heard and taken into consideration always.

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Nelson Mandela was an inspiration to many not just in South Africa but all over the world. His views on life showed that all are equal and took Mahatma Gandhi’s approach on life in his political reign. Nelson Mandela was an influential man because even though he was sentenced to life imprisonment and served 27 years, once he was released and elected president he did not set out to seek revenge or get back at those who persecuted him, he simply adopted reconciliation and implemented it on his everyday life and throughout South Africa.

Because of this in 1993 Nelson Mandela and his successor Fredrick Whillem de Klerk received the Noble Peace Prize. He also has more than 250 awards awarded to him over 40years (four decades). Nelson Mandela is a noted figure throughout history and many historians in particular have studied and discussed the impact his reign made on South African history.


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