Network Language Variation in Chinese

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Network Language Variation in Chinese

The linguistic communication fluctuation belongs to a sort of address activities. In our day-to-day life, people must obey certain linguistic communication norms in the verbal communicating. This is a well-known criterion in the procedure of address communicating. However, in some peculiar occasions or under the lingual environments, people frequently use the linguistic communication creatively alternatively of utilizing the normal ordinances by purpose. As a consequence, this caused the linguistic communication alterations and a sort of awkward feeling on the facet of look, merely in order to accomplish the skillful and graphic semantic significances. In other words, during the procedure of linguistic communication use, people deliberately or accidentally perverts from the regulations of the modern linguistic communication system, and this deviated phenomenon from the linguistic communication norms is defined as linguistic communication fluctuation. ( Jiaxiu Huang, 1996 ) Actually, during our day-to-day communicating, phenomena about linguistic communication fluctuation can be found everyplace. The linguistic communication fluctuation belongs to the degree of linguistic communication use. In people’s existent address activity, most speech phenomena are consistent with the regulations of linguistic communication system, but there are still some which can non stay by the grammatical regulations, yet nevertheless they are capable of conveying information, interchanging thoughts and showing feelings, and they are even more graphic than the day-to-day address.

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Language is comparatively stable. Peoples have a set of fixed system which is the lingual norms in the communicating procedure. Harmonizing to the norms, people can transport out verbal communicating swimmingly. At the same clip, linguistic communication can alter and develop with the alterations and development of the society. When new words or new looks on the cyberspace are by and large accepted by the populace, they have entered into the mechanization plan of linguistic communication and became one portion in the lingual norms. However, the long-run uses make them lose the freshness, so they constantly deviate from the norms and there comes the linguistic communication fluctuation. It is non adequate for people to utilize the normal linguistic communication when they want to show the semantic differences, so they must hold a inclination towards the linguistic communication fluctuation and towards utilizing linguistic communication creatively in order to accomplish the particular consequence which the normal linguistic communication can non accomplish. So in order to accomplish some particular semantic intent, people frequently need to interrupt the tie of the lingual norms and alteration vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and other facets deliberately, so that the linguistic communication fluctuation emerges.

In the verbal communicating, linguistic communication is in changeless alterations therefore its fluctuation and development influence the evolvement of linguistic communication straight. And the linguistic communication fluctuation is a sort of societal linguistic communication phenomenon which widely exists, but there are still several grounds for its visual aspect. ( Changyou Li, 2009 ) The variableness is besides a basic feature of linguistic communication, so the web linguistic communication besides has fluctuation. Its fluctuation chiefly embodies on the use of a great trade of new web words or looks. The alterations of societal life cause the alterations of linguistic communication, while the alterations of linguistic communication adapt to and fulfill the development of societal life and the scientific engineering. Along with the increasing of modern scientific engineering, linguistic communication has more abundant media to show itself, such as telecasting, books, cyberspace, and so on. These linguistic communication bearers are good in the facet of communicating and linguistic communication development. When people begin to populate in the cyberspace and with more and more people get downing to acquire in touch with others through cyberspace communicating, a new theoretical account of linguistic communication — -network linguistic communication has later come into being. Network linguistic communication is the consequence of linguistic communication fluctuation in this particular address environment. At last, the web linguistic communication represents the first place of societal development and besides embodies the societal civilization, so it gets more and more attending from many research workers. The web linguistic communication is a textual signifier of linguistic communication which can be used to transport on interpersonal communicating through computing machine and the cyberspace. We have to acknowledge that web linguistic communication is a sort of linguistic communication fluctuation and it is the consequence of traditional language’s fluctuation along with the outgrowth of the net civilization.

In the position of the lingual system, the phonemics and grammar are relatively stable, and the alterations on vocabulary are the fastest which can reflect the societal alterations sensitively. While I am traveling to give a elaborate analysis on the web linguistic communication fluctuation from the following four facets: phonological fluctuation, lexical fluctuation, semantic fluctuation and grammatical fluctuation.

Phosphorushonological fluctuation

First of wholly, the phonological fluctuation of web linguistic communication. The web linguistic communication fluctuation on the phonological facet is really cosmopolitan in the verbal communicating on the cyberspace and normally it can accomplish the humourous consequence, thereby it can go more and more popular among people. And the web linguistic communication fluctuation on the facet of phonemics chiefly presents by agencies of the homophonic and contraction.

The homophonic means one word’s tone is the same as or similar to another one, while their written signifiers are decidedly different. This characteristic can do the web linguistic communication be full of wit and creativeness on the written or unwritten signifier, and besides can convey freshness to people. I will give account from the undermentioned facets, such as the homophonic of Chinese characters, homophonic of figures, and the combination between English letters or the Chinese characters and figures.

First, the homophonic of Chinese characters chiefly nowadayss on the facet of idiom homophonic. For case, in the cyberspace verbal communicating, e…±c?« ( jiang zi ) means e?™? ·a­? ( zhe yang zi ) . And the Chinese character e?? ( biao ) refers to a??e¦? ( bu yao ) on the cyberspace which imitates the pronunciation of a??e¦?in the Shanghai idiom. These fluctuation signifiers are really popular among people and they frequently use them. From these illustrations, we can claim that these homophonies all use the similar tone with their original theoretical accounts merely to show the same significance.

Second, the homophonic of figures, such as 555 bases for a‘?a‘?a‘? ( wu Wu Wu ) , and 1314 agencies a?ˆc”Ya?ˆa?- ( yi sheng yi shi ) . All of these use the similar pronunciation to Chinese characters and do the looks be simpler and more vivid in the cyberspace communicating. All of these new looks can demo that people want to salvage their clip on their cyberspace communicating and merely they can understand these figures’ existent significances.

Contraction means the sawed-off signifier at a word. In this thesis, as a signifier of phonological fluctuation in the web linguistic communication, we illustrate contraction as when one word’s significance is really clear, some unneeded letters of it can be omitted, merely in order to shorten the communicators’ clip during the internet communicating. The undermentioned English contractions are the best illustrations, such as, Thx ( Thanks ) , CU ( see you ) , plz ( please ) and so on. Obviously, harmonizing to the English spelling regulations, the spelling ways and written signifiers of these new words and looks created by people are non right, while they belong to one sort of phonological fluctuations of the web linguistic communication.

In amount, these signifiers of the phonological fluctuations in the web linguistic communication make the linguistic communication on the cyberspace be much simpler, more graphic, more obvious and interesting, so they can go forth deep feeling to people. Therefore, these new words or looks can be accepted, used and remembered by more and more people in their day-to-day communicating.

Literexical fluctuation

Linguists frequently say that linguistic communication is a mirror to reflect the society, and it will develop along with the societal development and betterment. From the historical position, the visual aspect of every new cultural phenomenon in human beings’ life can do some new looks come into being. Because during the procedure of the on-line intercourse, people communicate with others and acquire or input information chiefly by the keyboard alternatively of the phonological agencies, it is the inclination for the outgrowth of those new lexical looks on the cyberspace. The web linguistic communication fluctuation, on the one manus, is decided by the demand of the communicative activities in the cyberspace communicating. And on the other manus, it besides embodies the features of the web linguistic communication, such as the convenience, flexibleness, and popularity. The lexical fluctuation of the web linguistic communication shows people’s imaginativeness, originative ability and their wit good, and they besides can demo their personality adequately through the internet communicating.

Acronym means that the procedure of organizing a new word by uniting the initial letters of composite names of societal and political organisations or phrases used as proficient footings. During the internet communicating, people use the acronyms of the web linguistic communication merely in order to acquire more information in short clip, better the efficiency, of their communicating and speed up the velocity of the reproduction. For illustration, the following brief English illustrations are frequently used by people on the cyberspace communicating.

Abbreviated signifiers of the web linguistic communication in English

Abbreviated signifier

Original from

Abbreviated signifier

Original signifier


Frequently asked inquiry


Equally shortly as possible


By the manner


Talk to you subsequently


Laugh out loud


Be back subsequently

Although these written signifiers of English acronyms are non right harmonizing to the English grammar and the spelling regulations, really they are created by people and they can be called on vitamin E sort of lexical fluctuation of the web linguistic communication.

In add-on, the Chinese web linguistic communication besides has a big figure of abbreviations. Different from the abbreviations in English, people put the first letters of Chinese Pinyin in every character together and at last signifier a new look merely in order to avoid discourtesy and to prosecute elegance, such as e„™e§† ( bi shi ) becomes BS, a®?e?? ( bao bei ) becomes BB.

For the web linguistic communication, making new words and looks is to make some vivid and humourous signifiers to set to people’s creativeness. This sort of word-formation can reflect new things and new constructs in clip which appear endlessly. The flexibleness of the web linguistic communication and people’s ability of word-formation are the presentation of its life-force, so these new signifiers are easy to be accepted by more people. For case, in the Chinese web linguistic communication, e??e?Y ( cai niao ) means a new member on the cyberspace, and a new look of “make person be surprised” is the Chinese word e›·a?? ( lei ren ) . From these illustrations, we can claim that the new words and looks created by people are the most powerful portion in the web linguistic communication, and at the same clip they are the most charming 1s and have become the symbol of the web linguistic communication.

Secondemantic fluctuation

Because of the quick and simple features of the cyberspace communicating and compared with the traditional written signifiers of linguistic communication, the web linguistic communication reduces the tie from the outside and people develop their freedom to interchange their thoughts on the cyberspace. People’s psychological science of seeking for new things and alterations and the demand of showing their existent significances make their linguistic communication be more adept and amazing, so that the semantic fluctuation can besides reflect every people’s creativeness. Their psychological science can be presented on the facet of the semantic fluctuation which can be separated into two parts.

Old words with new significances refers to although the signifier is the same as its original one, it still has new contents which are on the footing of the original one during its common use. That is to state a word additions a new scope of intending when applied in a new environment. To alter the significance of words is besides a resource of the web linguistic communication which represents the semantic fluctuation of it. In add-on, we must advert that after acquiring new significances, one word’s phonological and written signifier will non alter and its original significance and use still exist. This represents that people may hold different apprehensions to the same thing in different times.

The semantic fluctuation is related to the flexible semantic looks during the internet communicating. Besides a enormous figure of new words of the web linguistic communication, there are a batch of words whose original significances have been changed and they are applied with new significances and so they become the particular signifiers in the web linguistic communication. this is the facet of intending displacement which refers to the significance of the web linguistic communication breaks the original semantic scope and enters the new 1. For illustration, bug refers to an insect, while on the cyberspace it refers to a defect in the codification or a plan. More and more traditional words are given new significances at an amazing velocity.

Old words with new significances in the web linguistic communication

Network linguistic communication

Old significances

New significances

???e?™ ( kong long )


Ugly female

a¤§e™? ( da xia )


Large hero



Sad, helpless and abashed emotions

From the above illustrations, particularly the Chinese 1s, we can see that based on the particular features of the web linguistic communication, these old signifiers which have new significances can acquire speedy reproduction and transmittal by people during their internet communicating.

Furthermore, there is another type of the semantic fluctuation of the web linguistic communication which is the misunderstanding for one word’s original significance. Misinterpretation means remarks, actions and positions likely to be misinterpreted. The original significance of one word has changed into another one and people make usage of the same signifier and pronunciation to show perfectly different significances. For case, the new significance of the Chinese characters a??c?± ( ke Army Intelligence ) , which means lovely, means a???ˆ????a??c?±“pitiful cipher love” right now. And a¤©?‰? ( tian cai ) , which means mastermind, means a¤©c”Ycs„e ???? “a born fool” right now. This sort of fluctuation makes these words’ new significances more interesting, but these phenomena merely appear under the cyberspace environment, and merely on-line people can understand the discrepancy and particular significances right.

Gramrammatical fluctuation

To some extent, the web linguistic communication has some features like the unwritten address and that is affected by the flightiness of the cyberspace communicating between people, and the web linguistic communication can non obey the traditional grammatical regulations perfectly. So the web linguistic communication besides has fluctuations on the facet of grammar. In the web linguistic communication, the phenomenon of grammatical fluctuation is really cosmopolitan and it is a manner for people to loosen up themselves during the procedure of the cyberspace communicating. Although we can non utilize the traditional regulations to analyse those new looks of grammatical fluctuations, they can accomplish good expressive consequence.

Disobeying the traditional regulations of English grammar, people frequently use the anadiplosis during their internet communicating. They do non see the restrictions of syllable and whether the new signifiers have the chance of pronunciation. For illustration, the traditional and formal look in English “Call me” can be expressed as “Call meeeeee” by people. In add-on, in Chinese the noun can non be used B agencies of anadiplosis, while in the cyberspace communicating this phenomenon can be found everyplace, such as, a??a?? ( dong dong ) refers to a??e?? ( dong eleven ) , e?¦e?¦ ( che che ) refers to e?¦ ( che ) , a??e?­e?­ ( chi fan fan ) refers to a??e?­ ( chi fan ) . These new signifiers imitated the children’s address are humourous and straight reflect the naivete of people who pretend to be infantile and lovely. And at the same clip, they can demo consideration and gradualness to others.


Internet linguistic communication is a linguistic communication signifier that emerged from the development of the web. It is different from the traditional plane media. And its signifier of concise and graphic do it developed quickly. At first, people on the cyberspace used web linguistic communication merely to increase the efficiency of web communicating. Along with the development of engineering and cyberspace, web linguistic communication had become a sort of linguistic communication that can be used by everyone in day-to-day life alternatively of merely online. From the analysis above, we can reason the web linguistic communication fluctuation into four facets: phonological fluctuation, lexical fluctuation, semantic fluctuation, and grammatical fluctuation. The ground why web linguistic communication can be accepted and be spread is that the web linguistic communication is agreed, reflects some kind of world and the current temper of people vividly. But it is still a inquiry that how long these web words can last with the rapid development of engineering and the alteration of people’s head presents.

Reference List

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Changyou Li. ( 2009, July ) . The fluctuation of web linguistic communication and its signifier of look. Social scientific discipline BBS


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