Networking And Ict Development For Global Success Information Technology Essay

Networking refers to making a group of familiarity and associated and maintaining it active through regular communicating for common benefit. Network can intend different things to different people because it can be be in term of overseas telegram linking two personal computers together, or every bit complicated as a world-wide web of that have a tonss of systems.[ 1 ]Networking can be group into different degree each with its ain range and intents. The major undertaking or activities that can be done through a web is file transportation, file sharing, electronic mail, information hunt and retrieval and distant plan executing. File transportation is really utile to an organisation because it is the taking file that is stored and so sends to a web which other user can easy recover it. These enable employees in an organisation can portion their information and cognition easy in the organisation. In the other manus, file sharing is the direct pickings of the information that is stored in a web via some package. This undertaking is really similar to register transportation but it does n’t include uploading information to the networking, it merely includes the entree of information. Electronic mail is can be said as the most effectual and convenience tools used by all organisation today. It is the sending of information to the other user by utilizing electronmis message input into the computing machine and direct via Internet. It is more effectual comparison to traditional snail mail or telephone. Besides that, it besides cut down the cost of the organisation because directing an electronic mail do necessitate to pay. As whole, networking enables computing machines that are already accessible through connexion and besides contain tremendous measures of informations and information of organisation available on all systems. We can state that the benefits of utilizing webs to seek for and recover information leads to planetary success. The development of networking is say that constructing a connectivity between the Earth as it besides link people and organisation together.

ICT refers to the meeting of telephone web with computing machine web through a individual cabling or nexus system. ( ) . ICT let our universe to bring forth entree and use all sorts of information in a large sum and in faster gait. In the same clip, ICT can cut down the cost of an organisation and supply a broad scope of opportunity to increase concern and economic viability, other than that, ICT lead to more interaction of people all around the universe.

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“ The ultimate ends of utilizing ICTs for human development is to authorise people to actively determine the universe around them, enabling solutions that promote economic prosperity with equity, furthering democracy that is socially merely and opening new chances for the realisation of our human potency ” ( Gamez et al, 2003 ) .

Peoples are working and pull offing organisation all around the universe and the best manner to link them to each other is to hold cognition and information sharing communicating via ICT. Organization should to the full use the map of ICT to accomplish high efficiency and effectivity of the organisation. Basic elements of ICT are package contraptions and besides hardware devices. Software is an of import portion of ICT which relates to computing machine applications that enable a company to bring forth, shop, plan and recover informations as when needed. (,2006 ) . There is a batch of package used by large organisation for a batch of intents. All these package applications vital for concern as it carries out map in correct and proper manners which will convey effectivity and efficiency to the company. Hardware devices are assorted computing machine ‘s physical constituents that being used to run all those package such as difficult phonograph record and laptop. Organizations have a batch of informations to be stored but in the same clip informations are ever retrieved for planning, direction schemes rating and other utilizations. For illustration, one of the most of import hardware devices in ICT is web devices such as modem that can allow employee to entree cyberspace and pass on internally or externally in an organisation.

Development of ICT leads to economic prosperity in a state as a whole. Organization that to the full utilizes the map of ICT will convey pecuniary benefits to the company and contribute to the overall society ‘s economic system. Economic prosperity refers to a period of sustained growing that frequently lasts for a decennary or two and it normally includes several separate concern rhythms, each with separate mild recession and really vigorous, healthy enlargement. ( http: // ) . ICT surely bring economic prosperity when organisation utilizing it widely. For illustration, fabricating base organisation usage databases system to hive away information of stock list and it brings comfortss to the employees in the company as when the employees seeking to recover information about the stock list sum to measure and do betterment to the organisation. Other than that, automotive based organisation such as auto or aeronautic organisation prefer utilizing computing machine to make planing and communicate with other interest holders by utilizing the promotion of ICT because it is more effectual and efficient every bit good. Human are prone to making misidentify deliberately or accidentally, so organisation prefer utilizing ICT engineering to transport out day-to-day occupation. Organizations might recognize that communicating among the universe is dearly-won and wasting clip. But with the development of ICT, people from all over the Earth can pass on in forepart of their working desk via videoconference or electronic mail. These will cut down cost of going and the sum of money can be used in better investing and development of organisation such as enlargement or holding research of their merchandise. Hence, it will convey net income to the organisation if the research or investings are successful. In a nut shell, more and more organisation will to the full use the usage of ICT to transport out operation and communicating to accomplish higher effectivity and efficiency. Hence, productiveness will be higher in footings of quality and measure and convey net income to the organisation. As long tally, the use of ICT brings economic prosperity towards the society as a whole.

When organisations imply ICT engineering in direction, it links companies and employees from all over the universe to hold sharing relationships in footings of information and cognition. Organization can cognize what is go oning and the occupation updates from the other organisation at the other side of the universe. Employees can do a little treatment with employees from other state utilizing chat or on-line conversation ( for illustration: Skype ) to interchange thoughts or information. Top degree directors from all states can besides hold meetings to do rating or twelvemonth planning in the same clip utilizing unrecorded web chat or videoconferencing. Therefore, it enables an organisation to do more efficient communicating and will be able to do a much better determination that is relevant and utile to accomplish the ends of the organisation.

“ The challenge in reacting to societal and cultural forces addition as organisation expand their operation in states throughout the universe. ” ( George & A ; Jones,2008 )[ 2 ].

From the above statement, it shows that the use of ICT and networking become really of import due to the enlargement of organisation throughout the universe. The innovation of Internet, enable more effectual communicating among the states. Employees from all around that under a same roof of organisation will besides able to hold effectual communicating and understanding.. Developing of web and ICT makes communicating and retrieving of information more effectual and efficient. For illustration, the development of World Wide Web ( WWW ) which is a planetary shop of information that contains all sorts of human cognition enable more information and cognition sharing among the whole universe.

For illustration, the use of electronic mail enable people from two different states communicate and do non hold to go far to direct a message. For blink of an eye, electronic mail is free of charge which can apportion more cost in implementing schemes.

Connection of employees utilizing electronic devices for illustration picture conferencing enable people from different states combine into a group to set up undertakings. The success of a planetary company and have concerns around the Earth are normally depends on communicating between employees in both at place and abroad. Due to high outlook of velocity and instant communications, the importance of more personal digital aid, such as PDA, laptop, Ipad has been recognized and now has become the most of import devices for all organisation ‘s employee. These devices can have e-mail no affair where is the employees are and enable phone call or picture call at any topographic points every bit good. More and more employees are depending on these all personal digital everyday for day-to-day undertakings.

Change of Managerial Role due to developing of web and ICT

From Peter ‘s theoretical account[ 3 ], he claims that due to the rapid growing of planetary concern, there will challenges that will alter the concern environment for illustration uncertainness appears, more complexness state of affairs happens, more competitory among large house ‘s concern unit. And when organisations are desire expand their concerns around the universe, similar concerns in the society will be competitory and client will be inquiring for higher quality of goods and services. Therefore managerial functions become more complex in order to carry through the societal demand. Different with olden clip, directors are merely responsible for local concern operation which is non that complicated and smaller graduated table. But due to the development of web and ICT, directors have to obtain more accomplishments and derive more duty to vie in this competitory concern field.

“ It is important that directors today must hold high accomplishment degree in utilizing ICT and use their map of networking. ” Harmonizing to Jeniffer Rowley ( 1994 ) .

It is of import for directors in this ambitious universe to hold high accomplishments in development of information from ICT and networking. When the engineering of ICT growing quickly, directors should maintain their proverb crisp by continuously update themselves by obtaining more cognition and be the first phase of understanding about use of information and networking so that they wo n’t be back off the engineering tendency betterment and affects his or her determination devising. Directors must be extremely active in go toing conference or negotiations held by other professions and besides larning from the latest technopreneur exhibition to derive more cognition and better in determination devising behaviour.

Besides that, directors have to outdo use the beginning of ICT and web to do a wider environmental scanning so that the determination when making some planning so that it will be accurate and relevant to the growing of the concern. The scope of scanning presents has to be wider because the environment beyond the organisation has become large due to planetary concern, so the PESTLE analyze is going more complex for directors. For illustration, factor like politic have to be consider and analyse carefully as every state have different govern system and connote different regulations and ordinance. Another illustration is the socio-cultural factor. This is another factor that is sensitive and must be analyze critically. Different race, spiritual, background, gender people think and behave otherwise in an organisation all around the universe. Therefore, scanning of this environment should be done in more careful mode.

The retrieval of information presents have been so easy and convenience because of the promotion of ICT and networking system over the Earth. Information might be inaccurate and irrelevant to the organisation. Hence, directors have to utilize more scientific ways to construe fiscal or other direction information. In olden clip, before ICT and networking development are every bit advance as presents, directors use basic filing method to salvage informations and the analysis or reading informations at that clip were non every bit complicated as now. But in long tally, the filing method makes the organisation go unorganised and the entree of informations become really hard. Therefore, directors in this globalisation epoch have to utilize high efficiency and effectual package such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word to hive away informations and in the same clip interpret company growing, fiscal position and other direction analysis.

Our universe is altering quickly as we can see more and more development of ICT networking invented from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. Directors today have to be more flexible comparison to last clip because directors today face more uncertainness in organisation. Directors today should hold more provoke more creativeness and inventions in undertakings because all organisations in the universe is seeking to remain competitory in the market and seeking to crush down rivals by coming out more and more new and originative schemes in order to win more clients. Directors should do full usage of cognition and information in ICT or web to increase its creativeness degree and come out with more ways and schemes in order to get by with uncertainness happens and besides make the organisation stay competitory in the planetary market.

As ICT and networking is developed in such beforehand gait, directors have to do full usage of engineering of networking and ICT to execute optimally in an organisation.



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