never give up

January 23, 2017 English Language

That is one lesson I learned when I was very young. I was born and raised in Vietnam but I came to the United States when I was eight with an older sister. I came over here without any knowledge of English. I was new to the environment, the people, and the place and everything seem very twisted compare to back home at first. I felt very isolated to a point that I just want to go back home. Even though I have struggled with the English language since I first came to the United States, I told myself that hard work and not giving up will help me become an excellent English speaker. .

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Not giving up will help me become an excellent English speaker in the future. I started off a new life in America by going to a very small elementary called McKinley one block away from where I lived. On the first day of school my dad walked me to the principal of the school and told him that I was new. But I did not really understand what they were talking about back then and I was so lost. While they took me to my class I saw so many different types of people in the hallway that I had never seen in my life; an American girl with a bright blonde hair color and blue hazel eyes, another African America boy same height as me with a very dark skin and amazing looking white teeth, then an Asian boy with a unusual looking hair cut. They were looking straight at me with an out of the ordinary look so I turned away from them. Finally I arrived in front of my class with my dad and the principal. The teacher welcomes the principal and my dad and I to the class. First she introduced me to the class. Then after that my dad left the class with the principal. The teacher told me to sit down. It was lonely since I could not talk to other kids. Maybe I am shy because I am not used to talking with kids. I only knew Vietnamese, and English was just a jumble of sounds. When the teacher spoke, the words would swirl faster and faster and then become a tornado ripping through my mind.


I'm Amanda

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