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April 18, 2019 Philosophy

New thinking of the renaissance came: Humanism. The term came from program of studies in that time that they used to call ‘studia humanitatis’. But the name Humanism came after somewhere in the nineteenth century when everyone agreed to call it Humanism. Renaissance Humanism first occurred in Italy then started spreading throughout Western Europe. However in that time popped up a question that no one new how to answer it properly, it was what humanism was. Petrarch was the called man who they believed was their father (the father of Italian Humanism) Wilde, Robert. “A Guide to Renaissance Humanism.” ThoughtCo, ThoughtCo, 2015,

Dante had always wanted looked upon Latin letters, so he wrote his great epic in Latin verse. Petrarch, who was the father of Italian renaissance at that time reviewed the epics of Statius, Lucan and Homer. Although he never spoke Greek, nor understood it, and Homer is very famous epic still to this present day. Petrarch idealized the world at that time, and also he started this new movement. Petrarch also loved communicating with the man of his days, he simply was overwhelmed with the friendship by the men. This was the main things that happened in the Italian Renaissance . “Italian Humanism .” Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2016,

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Humanism Renaissance also could be defined as Protagoras, which is a statement that ‘Men is the measure of all things’. This in simple words meant that a men could shape their own character their influences and their own future by the paths they choose to live and the decisions they make, which every single decision would take you to the new path. However later on Humanists never deny their christian faith. The main aim of the humanism was to make an individual see and determinate his destiny. ” Humanism.” Chuck Close, 2015,


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