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December 26, 2016 General Studies

When you hear the name America, you think of a land of freedom, a land of opportunity, and land of success. When we reflect on the past, we always think of the western and various other television shows that show us how the past was. These television shows are not totally one hundred percent true. They don’t show how much of a struggle it was for people in this new country, the hardships they had to face, and the true lives that they had to live. A man by the name of Thomas Bell lived through some of these things, and wrote a book entitled, Out of This Furnace. Thomas Bell wrote this book to show us the hardships that they faced backed then. He tells of two men, by the names of Djuro Kracha and Mike Dobrejcak, and the lives they lead, the hardships they faced, and the success that they had whether it be success in other people’s eyes, or their own individual success. They held various jobs where they often didn’t get paid enough, and were often ripped off by their bosses. Thomas Bell shows us in his book that America was not always a land of success and great riches, yet that people were often racist towards Slovaks and other people of other countries, and often got low wages for hard work.

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A man named Djuro Kracha said, “leaving behind the endless poverty and oppression that were the birthright of Slovak” (Bell, p.3). Kracha wanted freedom, he wanted to run his own farm and make his dreams come true, just so he didn’t have to live in a land of poverty but instead wanted to live in the land of opportunity. Kracha took a job working at the steel and iron furnace, where he worked as hard as he could, just so he could be rich. Bell shows us through Kracha that it took hard work, that America wasn’t going to just hand you riches; it was going to make you work for it. Kracha faced many hardships and overcame them and as for Mike Dobrejcak, he obtained his own success through his family.


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