New Parking System: Advantages and Problems

June 6, 2018 Management

The University of Dayton was founded in 1849, and to this day the University of Dayton has more than 150 years of history. It is also the top-tier catholic university in U. S. With this cherished tradition behind it, the University of Dayton has grown to encourage more than one hundred and sixty thousand students to pursue their talents. In other words, the University of Dayton plays an important role, and has responsibility for many students. This preeminent university has always had an excellent system to support its work smoothly and effectively, and, to service students and school administrators. Based on the willingness of students and administrators, it is clear that any good system always need to be maintained and updated to keep up with the times. It is natural that over time the some part of system may have become less effective, because sometimes it cannot consider the students’ situation. The old parking system of the University of Dayton, despite the University’s good reputation, is example of this issue. The old parking system of the University of Dayton

The University of Dayton has an online parking service, and the main functions for this online system are buying annual parking permits or paying citations. The service also shows other relative information, such as parking lots maps and some policies. The maps and relative information show that the University of Dayton has 25 parking lots, and before 4:15pm every day, vehicles can only park with the corresponding parking permit. Each year before the semester begins; the system will sell annual permits to students and administrators who want to park in the school parking lots.

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The parking system limits students who purchase parking permits; however, even though there are two main parking lots for students, and for some students, both parking lots need to be walked from, with the average distance of 15 minutes to the main building area. In spite of the students not liking this parking system, they still need to obey it, because they need to go to classes and if they drive, they need to find a parking space for their vehicle. In addition, the parking system always sells parking permits over the known amount of parking space.

After a few weeks, the parking system then has to send emails to contact the students who want to switch their parking permit from one parking lot to another. These actions make the parking system spend additional money to make new parking permits for the students who do switch parking lots. The problems of the old parking system How to make the system more effective is the big problem here, as the system does not have a very useful method of collecting information to analyze and solve the problems listed above. The parking system also has several other problems, such as the limited choice for students: however many parking lots the University of Dayton have, all the students can just choose only a single parking lot. This parking system is not fair for all majors students, because whatever major students have, they can only choose from the same parking lot, and this parking lot is often far away from the inside main buildings different major students need to go to.

Such as business major students: after they have parked their vehicles the students need walk a longer time then the arts students to be in the building where they study. In addition, all the parking permits have the same price, however far the parking lot is. In other words, some parking lots need to be walked from with more than 15 minutes to spare, students still need to have spent same price to buy the annual parking permit as their fellow students pay for the parking lots which only need to be walked from with two minutes to spare.

Even worse, the far away parking lot means that the students who bought this parking permit need to walk with the weather in whatever condition it may be during the hot summer and cold winter, those students still need to walk under the blazing sun or Shiver in the cold wind for quite a long time. Also the parking system issues more permits over the parking lots than can be filled. When the daytime rush hours hit, students cannot find parking space in the parking lot: even though they have a parking permit, they still have no idea where they could park their vehicle.

Sometimes students spend a long time driving their cars round and round in the parking lot just for one parking space, even though doing this will make them late for their classes. Such situations make students feel a great deal of inconvenience and pain until today. Introduction Among those disadvantages the old parking system had, the new parking system perfectly consummates those defects by using IT knowledge and Bluetooth Technology. The new parking system is built by Bluetooth technology with a humanized management system.

Although the new parking system is not perfect, it will make the parking in the University of Dayton become more convenient than ever, and the new parking system is not anything but a feasible idea; therefore, this paper is going to analyze and ultimately show how great and possible the new parking system will be by breaking into three parts: the creating of a new parking system, advantages of the new parking system, and unsolved problems for the new parking system. The Creating of New Parking System The new parking system is built with three parts: chip, date collector, and other facilities.

To begin with, the creating of the chip, which will be installed inside the new parking permit, is done by use of Bluetooth technology, which is a short-range wireless communication technology that operates in the 2. 4 GHz license exempt band (Ofcom, 2006). In addition, the new card reader within Bluetooth technology behind the electronic gate, which are placed in front of each parking lot and can only be open with the chip automatically, will accept approximate 10 meters range for receiving and exchanging data (Sheea, 2009).

After the card reader identifies the vehicle’s information, the data collector will record and upload the data to the main server in order to keep and analyze the date if necessary, and the electronic gate will open automatically. Besides, the guest parking needs to get a provisional permission and pay the required fee after in order to park their vehicles (Wolf, 2004). Also, there are some vehicle detectors and yard controllers installed in each side of the parking lot to unsure safety and convenience for both the vehicle and its driver.

Despite the hardware part, the program is more significant for this new system. First of all, the new parking system server should have its own website, which can be both used by the guest and customers who are planning to park their vehicle at the University of Dayton. The website will give the parking availability and update every few minutes. The program needs to have the ability to control the electronic gate’s opening and closing, and to collect the vehicle’s access date from the main server, this way, the website will have accurate data for parking availability.

After analyzing the information which is updated from the data collector, the system will update the new conditions for parking lots on its website immediately: due to those processes, parking will become more convenient than ever. For example, the students could find it easy to search the latest information on the website in order to know which the parking lots have more spaces to park in.

Finally, the main server could rate each parking lot objectively about its popularity and convince level in order to sell different types of permission cards or permits at different prices. This action could effectively solve the problem with the old parking system, which sold permits of different types at the same price. Advantage of New Parking System Despite the number of weaknesses of the old parking system, the new parking system has effectively covered almost all of these shortages.

First of all, the new parking system can save immense amount of time and gas for both students and professors using its new website to search for parking places. It’s well-known that academic class requires any student or professor to attend class on time, and in many situations, the reason for students and professors being late is wasting time on finding a parking place. Based on the new system, students and professors can know exactly how many parking places are left in each parking lot by checking on the website before they go to class.

Moreover, while the website will have basic information on its homepage like introducing the parking conditions in the University of Dayton, for special usage, it will require user to log in by permission plate number. In this way, students and professors will be granted special access to the parking information they need, and they can ensure that it will be up to data. Thus, they do not have to spend a lot of money on gas driving around to each parking lot in order to place their vehicle. This parking system also could protect students and professors’ vehicles more effectively than the old system.

Because of the vehicle detector and yard controller in each side of parking lots, the students and professors’ vehicles no longer have to be placed unsafely; these technologies will avoid some indeterminacy positioning, and therefore, some small accidents in the parking area. If a driver performs a hit-and-run from an accident in the parking lot, after the owner of the damaged vehicle reports the accident, the information inside the vehicle detector and yard controller can be brought up as evidence for against the hit-and-run driver’s false arguments. Meaningfully, some drivers are driving faster than they used to when they are running out of time, but they have to cut their speed when they are facing an electronic gate; even better, the function of an electronic gate is to replace the stop sign in a more safe way. As some parking places are only limited for one or two hours, because the Bluetooth technology can set to 20s per default(Freescale Semiconductor, 2005) , the supervisor can check each vehicle’s parking time by scanning the chip inside the new parking permits, performing a job which is too hard to supervise as part of the old parking system.

Most seriously, however, the most special usage for the new parking system is to provide evidence when some students or professors are in potentially horrible situations, like suing, accusations, or pending judgments in regards to accidents, ticketing fines or even alibis/questions of location; the evidences collected by the new system, might be very useful for proving that the accused were absent for the time of the case happening. There is no doubt that the new parking system will import some new equipment which would absolutely endow the campus not only with its well-established historical flavor, but also a modern high-tech feeling.

Unsolved Problems for New Parking System However, the new parking system still has some problems to deal with before it can be used. Firstly, the new parking system will need its supporters to spend some time collecting data for analysis and use; in other words, the new parking system will require some basic information to be recorded before the system can be published. Otherwise, the system cannot analyze the information we expect it to. Also, the new parking system requires a lot of investments to build.

The Bluetooth technology is a high-level technology that reflects a big success in the area of modern science, and the next new thing always demands much more funding to purchase than more “unenlightened” equipment. For this problem, the funds for building the new parking system cannot only be expected from school authorities, but also need to try to find another way to be met via the outside. In my personal experience, I am aware that some companies like to do testing on their new products by selling them with an extremely cheap price to see how they work.

This is a possible solution to the funding problem, but it still remains to be solved. Moreover, the new parking system needs to prove its impact before it can be used, which means there is still a long way to go in order to make school authorities believe that it is worth the expense and investment or not. In response to this question, I plan to show school authorities how hard and inconvenient the old parking system is for students to use, as well as show them how nice and effective the new parking system will be if it is brought forward.

Finally, we should never forget to forget the maintenance of the new parking system in order to make sure it works smoothly and effectively for as long as possible. For maintenance, software and hardware need both be concerned, because if there is anything that goes wrong in the hardware or software part, some advantages of the new parking system become mere empty talk. Worse, if there is anything that goes wrong specifically in the software part, the hardware part will not work correctly, which will cause the electronic gate, the data collector, and others technologies to lay off entirely.

Thus, the new parking system may require more maintenance than the old in order to ensure it is working in top condition, Conclusion In short, I am a student from the University of Dayton, and I speak from personal experience on the issue above. Because the old parking system has many defects, I been placed in multiple very painful circumstances as a result of the old parking system. However, the new parking system I propose perfectly consummates those defects by using IT knowledge and Bluetooth Technology. Compared with the old parking system, the new parking system has effectively covered almost all of the shortages I discussed in detail.

To sum up, the new parking system will succeed immensely in saving my time and gas through use of the updated website to search for parking places. Moreover, the new parking system could prove effective to protect my vehicle and myself in all kinds of uncomfortable situations. Last but not least, the new parking system could help the supervisor of the parking lots to control the problem of out-limited parking. Therefore, I am convinced that a new parking system is necessary, and that, should my proposal be accepted, it will continue to benefit students and professors in new and wonderful ways.


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