New Zild

March 24, 2018 Music

? New Zealand English (NZE) which is now known as “New Zild” is an exciting and newfangled language they speak in New Zealand. New Zild is forever evolving-forming new, abbreviated ways of speech. Their shared language – Te Reo/English makes up their unique, lucid dialect, which unites them as a country and distinguishes them from the rest of the world, this is a great aspect as their language will be fancied in the future. New Zealand English is the newest most fascinating language in the world today. New Zild is the only language that can be tracked since its birth over two centuries ago.

The dialogue is forever evolving, changing and advancing. New Zealand English is a continuously developing speech. What makes this language so exclusive is that you can use available resources to show the developing and unfurling of it. Although characteristic features of New Zealand English have evolved from British English, there are no longer any dominant influences. New Zild forms and illustrates a Kiwi, who creates their own language, being New Zild. Their strong accent is greatly noticed overseas. Foreigners find New Zild bizarre, as they talk faster than, they do.

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Although New Zealand English is closely related Australian English also known as ‘strine’ but they have their individuality, as New Zealanders do. America has major influence in all the languages, including New Zild. American English is the most influential language of the world. The trends it sets are spread by mass communications around the globe, for example, television, movies and music. American English can have a negative impact depending on the kind of influence being portrayed, for example, teenagers listening to rap music, the lyrics or words expressed may have meaning, but would their parents like them talking like the rapper?

American English also has a positive impact on New Zild as it creates new characteristics and majorly influences the development of New Zealand English. The American English greatly affects young New Zealanders as they may speak an even stranger language than their elders. Their speech has been hugely influenced which all contributes to the future. The dialect of the younger population is different, therefore change naturally occurs. New Zealand’s younger generation being teenagers forms many, new colloquialisms, increasing yet decreasing their vocabulary.

According to Jennifer Hay in Denis Welch’s Listener article, “By the time someone is seven or eight, it doesn’t matter where their parents came from, they’re speaking like their friends at school. ” Older New Zealanders are trying to adapt to the teenage dialect, after all they are the voices of the future. Their dialogue will be the future New Zealand’s English, as the new vocabulary, colloquialisms work their way from the bottom of the social heap to the top. The tremendous variety of languages composed in New Zealand is another impact.

New Zild is an exciting language as it includes an assortment of influences from these solitary vocal influences. Maori have changed the way New Zealanders speak because words and sayings from Te Reo have been absorbed into the vocabulary spoken today. There are some Maori who can speak both English and Maori beautifully. Years ago only 1/1000 Maori words spoken were fully understood in New Zealand English, now 6/1000 Te Reo words spoken are understood in New Zealand English. Could this be renaissance?

Including Te Reo, there is also one other contributing factor to New Zealand English, such as Pacific Island dialect. Te Reo and the pacific input combined, greatly influence New Zealanders speech and pronunciation of different words. New Zild is the most innovative, peculiar language. New Zealand English is the only language in the world that can be documented from the beginning which helps predict future dialect. Along with the growing Te Reo pronunciation New Zild is evolving into something that is very interesting and distinctly theirs.


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