Night and Singapore Essay

October 8, 2017 General Studies

The usual fairies are over for me. No school. no survey merely play. But the following twenty-four hours was a dream traveling to go true. WE WERE GOING TO SINGAPORE merely the following twenty-four hours. I got up early forenoon. We packed the things and went to the airdrome. In the airdrome and proverb may types of people. We boarded our flight and went for Singapore. After making the airdrome we went to hotel dog-tired and hungry when we reached we ate and slept had booked our flight to Mumbai international airdrome. I liked Singapore because the people are nice and the nutrient is really nice and everything is green and really clean and they keep the streets clean and it’s safe to walk down them non like in my place when I lived in Hollywood where the streets have a batch of people who get ill and do a muss from either their oral cavities or they make BM’s and merely go forth it on the streets for everyone to walk by. Singapore is much cleaner than Hollywood.

Here are some things I learned about Singapore:

* Singapore has the highest per capita rate of millionaires in the universe ( approx 10 % ) * Singapore was originally a little fishing station until about 200 old ages ago. when Stanford Raffles and the British East India realized it was a really good topographic point for a port town * Singapore means “Lion town” because an old Sultan said that he one time saw a Lion there but since Lions don’t live anywhere Tigers live. everyone agrees that he either dreamed it or was a-lion about it! ( That was a pun. )

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* In Singapore. you can travel to the menagerie at dark on a “Night Safari” and see all the nocturnal animate beings. and it makes a batch of sense because usually when I go to the menagerie in America all the animate beings are exhausted because it is hot and they ever tell you “most of these animate beings don’t have sweat secretory organs that’s why they play in the mud” which seems mean to maintain them out all the clip in the hot Sun so childs can jab sticks at them and slam on the glass. but in Singapore. it is nighttime so the animate beings are all feeding and traveling about and this one animate being called a “Tapir” came right up to the ropeway and I think it was because he liked how I smelled. All in all I extremely recommend a trip to Singapore because it is amazing! !


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