“Night” by Elie Wissel and “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck Essay Sample

July 20, 2017 Religion

When you find yourself in an obstruction that you can non get away or at your lowest point. your psyche and head become dark and you feel that have no manner out. you begin to see life really otherwise. You now are able to analyse the universe. and switch through all the bells and whistlings in it and see the truth. which was one time hidden from you. I think that is precisely that Theodore Roethke meant when he wrote “In a dark clip. the oculus begins to see. …” Personally. I agree to the full with Roethke’s statement. Roethke’s political orientation is found in both “Night” by Elie Wiesel and “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. In both novels the supporters are faced with obstructions which seem impossible to get the better of. nevertheless one time they reach “rock bottom” they realize how they shall over come their state of affairs.

In “Night” by Elie Wiesel. the chief character. Eliezer was faced with a struggle that changed his life and the lives everyone he loved. He was forced to confront the panics of the Holocaust. adult male versus society. Nevertheless. Eliezer faced much more than the Holocaust. he faced himself. adult male versus adult male. In Night. Eliezer’s head toggled the many struggles of his day-to-day life. particularly make up one’s minding whether or non he wanted to populate. The flood tide of the novel is besides the point in which Eliezer reached his lowest point ; this is when Eliezer loses his religion in God. which has been really of import to him throughout his life.

Eliezer was so horrified by the anguish that he witnessed and endured. and inquiries if God exists. At this point Eliezer realizes that his destiny is p to him. to a certain extent. He realizes that in order to last and be happy with his household one time once more. he must remain strong and ne’er give up. In add-on. throughout the fresh Elie Wiesel repeated the chief subject of his novel. “never forget” . Eliezer’s darkest clip allowed his eyes to open and see the gravitation of his state of affairs and the horror that consequences from utmost bias. By making so Elie Wiesel is now able to state others of effects of bias of any sort. The life of Elie Wiesel exemplifies the significance of Theodore Roethke’s cite really good.

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The fresh “Of Mice and Men” besides embodies the significance of Theodore Roethke’s quotation mark. “In a dark clip. the oculus begins to see. …” really good. The supporter. George and his obedient and loyal friend Lennie. a minor charter were faced with the impossible challenge of accomplishing the American Dream. However. the struggle that impacted them the greatest was Lennie’s many internal struggles. Lennie was a really sort hearted adult male. nevertheless. he had a child’s outlook and a giant’s organic structure and as a consequence these contrasting qualities. Lennie got himself into many jobs. Like Night. the flood tide of Of Mice and Men is besides the point in which the supporter reaches his lowest point. The flood tide of Of Mice and Men occurs when Lennie by chance kills Curley’s married woman. This causes George to open his eyes and see that he can non protect Lennie any longer. because society’s will non digest Lennie’s behaviour. regardless of his mental status.

This realisation. forced George to mercifully hit his friend. in a selfless act to salvage him from the custodies of Curley and the angry spread custodies. After altruistically slaying Lennie. Steinbeck pigments George as feeling lost and entirely. which I believe is George’s realisation that through all his tests and trials. and traveling against society for the bulk of his life. that he eventually gave in. He is now like all the other ranch custodies. entirely and dreamless. Theodore Roethke’s quotation mark. “In a dark clip. the oculus begins to see. …” shows to be true in Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men. but it besides proves that when you begin to see the truth unfold around you the best and non ever eminent.

Eliezer and George both inhibit the significance of Roethke’s quotation mark. but in different ways. Eliezer in Night shows that seeing the truth when you are at stone underside can merely take you upwards. Whereas. George shows that seeing the truth when you are at your lowest point. can sometimes be excessively much and convey you down even lower. Nonetheless. the two novels demonstrate the significance of Theodore Roethke’s quotation mark. which is when you are at your lowest point. you are able to see the truths around you.


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