Nineteenth Century American Imperialism History Essay

September 12, 2017 History

Imperialism is a policy, which allows a state to widen its authorization over another state or part. During the Nineteenth century, The United States had people who put away this policy because of the demand for enlargement. They wanted to spread out the US and make commonwealths and such. This was a suited and justifiable policy for the beginning of the 18 100s. The United States has ever had a hungriness for existent estate, resources, and people to market their merchandises, which is why imperialism was adapted. From the original chants of “ manifest fate ” in the 1840 ‘s, to the calls for the business of Indian districts, the United States has been drive by the desire to ain land for intents of economic development.

However, by the coating of the nineteenth century, the whole continental United States was in their ownerships, which lead the state turned its eyes abroad. Certain, the rationalisation of imperialism was simple in the beginning ; the United States had no excess land and had much concern growing, hence ensuing in the demand for the United States to foster the enlargement procedure.

The lone difference this clip was The United States did non desire new lands to farm and work, nor did they want new countries for their geological ownerships, their motivations had changed. “ Armed with new arms and medical specialties to command malaria, The United States now desired universe power and political domination through entire domination and business as in India and Indochina ( Davidson, Delay, Heyrman, Lytle, & A ; Stoff, 2008, p. 611 ) ” . The self-involved occupants looked upon their invasion into distant countries as a moral committedness, to distribute the words of societal equality and Christ throughout the universe, although there were many Americans that preferred a more indirect attack to export merchandises, thoughts and influence.

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Therefore, the concluding old ages of the nineteenth century perfectly confirmed this “ new ” Imperialism. Furthermore, the American violation into Chinese traffics during the Boxer rebellion is besides cogent evidence of the new motivations, which governed our planetary attitude. Not to advert, a stolen missive to Cuba from the Spanish Minister in Washington provided grounds of Spanish treachery. Once the intelligence of the missive reached William Hearst, a innovator of “ Yellow Journalism ” , he began composing awful intelligence articles refering the struggle in Cuba and called for the committedness of the United States on the affair under the flag of moral duty. President McKinley, along with his war eager Congress, saw this as a perfect gap to beef up the state of affairs of the United States in the worldwide community. The war with Spain besides gave President McKinley good ground to assail the Spanish controlled Philippine islands, a critical naval site that would give the United States an influence in the fareast.

The United States incorporated many events into the enlargement procedure as the U.S. looked to broaden its skylines. For case, “ The Filipino Rebellion, in June of 1898 radical forces had managed to overmaster the Spaniards who were already staggering from the annihilation of their naval forcess, from a war with the United States, were now confronting a new war against an turning United States ( Rafael, 2010 ) ” . A war that lasted throughout much of the first decennary and into the 20th century supplying U.S. control over the Philippines until 1941 ” .

At the terminal of the nineteenth century, the Spanish ground forces located in Cuba was in all out struggle with nationalist Rebels. The Spanish military had tormented and killed 1000s of guiltless Cubans in an attempt to keep control of Cuba. “ In 1959 The Cuban Revolution was formed under the leading of Fidel Castro, to repossess much of the U.S. owned belongingss and ensuing in U.S. trade stoppage which lead Cuba to turn to the powerful Soviet Union as Alliess ( Davidson, Delay, Heyrman, Lytle, & A ; Stoff, 2008, p. 845 ) ” . Although the Cuban Revolution marked the terminal of The Spanish-American War, now the United States faced new challenges within scientific discipline and engineering.

Through all of the ballyhoo about traveling to war and deriving new districts, The American Anti-imperialist League was established in 1899. The conference argued that Imperialism was non the right policy to utilize at the bend of the nineteenth century and could merely take to militarism. Stating, “ We side with Abraham Lincoln, that no adult male is superior plenty to govern another adult male without the other ‘s blessing. When the white adult male regulations himself, that is self-government, but when he regulations himself and besides regulations another adult male, that is more than self-determination, that is dictatorship ( Bancroft, 1913 ) ” . This may be true, but if the other adult male is profiting from the authorities, how can at that place be a job? The steering rule of Imperialism is a affair topic to the people and their positions. In the nineteenth century, there was a split between the people in this affair. This became less of a job and more of a political argument subject. After it was put into consequence and we acquired Cuba and, for a short clip, the Philippines, doing the policy wholly valid and non unreasonable whatsoever. It helped the US and gained the state more land. Overall, imperialism helped the US in the bend of the nineteenth century. The United States realized the demand for new lands, concern proprietors, and enterprisers needed topographic points to publicize and sell merchandises. The turning production of the state demanded drastic steps. Corporations needed new investors. This was the clip to spread out skylines and spread the state ‘s ranges.


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