No Escape From Fate English Literature Essay

July 25, 2017 English Literature

Since the morning of clip, people believed that prognostications have purportedly been passed down to them straight from their Gods. In the ancient Grecian clip, the Gods ‘ words were believed to be true ; destiny was all but fact. The drama, Oedipus the King by Sophocles, demonstrates no affair how far Oedipus chooses to run, he can non get away from his destiny. When Oedipus acquires of his fate from an prophet that he is destined to kill his male parent, and slumber with his female parent, as anyone can conceive of, this is highly flooring for him, so he decides non to believe the prophet. No affair what he does to avoid the destiny, he ends up walking on the route towards it. It is arguable that destiny does non be, for the ground that the determinations you make affect one ‘s life ; what class one ‘s life takes is non what he or she hopes, but instead believes. It is that belief that affects one ‘s picks and actions, which is he or her way in life. His life has already been premeditated by the Grecian Gods, and by seeking to get the better of it, he absolutely registering in his place in life which is a prognostication. Oedipus thought that he outsmarted the Gods, but in fact, every move he makes has moved him closer to the destiny going a world. Although Oedipus goes to extreme steps to withstand the prognostication, Oedipus represents that worlds are everlastingly the pawns of destiny: our actions have no consequence upon the omnipotent route that destiny has already set out for us.

Oedipus ‘s deficiency of cognition of his destiny and his biological parents proves him guiltless. Through the histories of the courier and the hinting of his prognostication by the blind prophesier Tiresias, he decides to go forth his supposed parents to avoid the prognostication. During his journey, destiny leads Oedipus to run into his male parent, but at the same clip, he does non cognize that it is his male parent. Because of his destiny, he ends up slaying the adult male that encounters with, which is his biological male parent. Because of his destiny, he is able to work out Sphinx ‘s conundrum which leads him to go welcomed into the metropolis of Thebes. ‘To the harsh-singing Sphinx. And that you did / Knowing nil else, unschooled by us. / But people say and think it was some god / That helped you to put our life vertical ‘ ( 37-40 ) . Because of his destiny, Oedipus takes the throne and Jocasta, who he has no thought is his ain female parent as the award of salvaging the metropolis from the Shpinx. This metropolis is besides the metropolis that he is supposed to decease in by his parents, but besides the metropolis he saved of his desire to going well-known. Oedipus feels like everything is traveling all right, believing he escaped from the prognostication. However, fate lures him as the pestilence is placed on the metropolis of Thebes, where he unwittingly murders his male parent Laius. ‘Laius dead, / There rose in evils no retaliator for him ‘ ( 126-127 ) . Creon, Oedipus ‘ brother in jurisprudence, states the lone manner to acquire rid of the pestilence is to avenge King Laius ‘ decease by penalizing the liquidator. Oedipus vows to happen the liquidator. Later, Oedipus finds about the liquidator of King Laius.

TEIRESIAS Abide yourself by the edict

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You merely proclaimed, I tell you! From this twenty-four hours

Henceforth reference neither these work forces nor me.

You are the irreverent polluter of this land ( 277-280 ) .

You are the killer whom you seek ( 289 ) .

At first, Oedipus does non believe what Teiresias tells him, but after he go forth, he starts to oppugning himself everything, until eventually he realizes that it is Oedipus, himself, is the 1 who slayed his male parent.

The logic of Oedipus ‘ evildoing is obvious from the beginning of the narrative. When he finds about his destiny, the first thing Oedipus does is to name on a prophesier, Teiresias, and Teiresias Tells Oedipus, ‘Let me travel place ; it is best for you to bear / Your load, and I mine, if you will mind me. ‘ ( 311-312 ) . Oedipus fears that his destiny will come true, but his desire to avoid this prophecy leads him to believe that he can avoid it because he finds out about it, as his parents do. King Laius has tried to kill his boy Oedipus, but the retainer ‘s abortion of that leads to Laius ‘ decease and Jocasta ‘s matrimony with Oedipus.

SERVENT She feared bad prophets.

OEDIPUS what were they?

SERVANT They said he should kill his male parent.

OEDIPUS Why did you give him up to this old adult male?

SERVANT I pitied him, maestro and idea he would take him off

OEDIPUS Alas, alas! All things are now come true.

O visible radiation, for the last clip now I look upon you ;

I am shown to be born from those I ought non to hold been

I married the adult female I should non hold married,

I killed the adult male whom I should non hold killed. ( 1140-1152 ) .

Ironically, what he does to avoid it makes it reprobate his destiny into a world. Oedipus is victimized even before he is born, because that is his destiny the Grecian Gods clasp for him.

Destiny opens up an unknown way to what is meant to be. For some, this new class is adventuresome and blissful ; for others, a tough, dejecting one, like Oedipus. Unfortunately, in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet go through the same class of destiny as Oedipus does. They attempt to withstand their ain destiny, but their finding to remain with each other consequences nil but their deceases. As Denis Waitley wrote, ‘As long as we are relentless in the chase of our deepest fate, we will go on to turn. We can non take the twenty-four hours or clip when we will to the full blossom. It happens in its ain clip. ‘ As Romeo and Juliet battle for their out lives, they are halting their felicity. Fate controls life, and accepting this is one manner toward a better life.


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