No Homework Policy Essay

March 28, 2017 September 11th, 2018 General Studies

No Assignment Policy Essay

No homework essay introduction

Just imagine it’s a Sunday night. You’re all comfortable and tired, and just trying to relax because you had a great weekend. You’re just about to fall asleep, but then you realize, you have homework. Now you either get up and do all your homework, or you just leave it and take the zero. I know everybody in this room can relate to this situation because it’s happened to every single one of us before. That is why I’m talking to you about having a no homework policy in schools.

No homework policy: pros and cons

I’ll bet any amount of money that when any of you even hear the word homework, you don’t get happy or excited about it. So, if nobody like it, then why do we still have it? There are many more cons about homework then there are pros. The few pros are that some people believe that homework builds character and teaches good study habits. (Kohn 1) These “pros” are just myths that have been passed down, it has never really been proven that homework really does build character and teaches good study habits.

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What has been proven is all of the cons to homework. There have been many studies about the cons of homework, and the results are all against homework. The studies show that kids are exhausted after school and need a break, homework takes away from outside activities, homework causes conflicts between parents, and homework really hurts kids that are struggling learners, English-language learners, young students, kids with few resources, students in many of today’s families, and kids that have to do chores or take care of their siblings. Family Homework Answers 1-3) I personally believe that homework has no point. I mean, as students, we have to sit in school and learn for 6 hours a day 5 days a week. Isn’t that enough? Why should our teachers give us more work to do on the few days we have off of school and at night after we attended school. I just don’t think teachers get it. They always say, “It’s only going to take you 20-25 minutes. , but what they don’t understand is that every teacher we have says that, so that can amount to about an extra 3 hours of work a night on a normal high school student’s schedule.

No assignment policy essay conclusion

In a nutshell, I honestly don’t believe that homework is preparing us to be adults at all. When’s the last time you heard an adult say that their job gave them homework? Schools’ giving out homework is totally unnecessary. There are even studies that prove it, so why are we still getting homework assigned to us today? It makes no sense at all and I believe we need a change. Do you?


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