No Mercy

December 30, 2016 Psychology

Wednesdays were always good days because it meant that there was only two days until the weekend. I always looked forward to Wednesday but I had no idea about the events that were about to take place on this unfaithful Wednesday. I arrived at school right before the bell, as always, and rushed to my locker to get my books. I said hey to a couple of friends I saw walking in the hallway and then sprinted to math class just before the bell. This routine was pretty consistent so, of course, I was expecting a regular school day. The bell rang and all of a sudden the halls were full of people talking and laughing about the weekend and such. I stopped at “the bench” to say hello to everybody and then proceeded to my locker to grab my books for my psychology class. Psychology was one of my favorite classes because all of my friends were in it, and the assistant basketball coach was the teacher. He was a young, cool guy who all the girls thought was cute and all the guys thought was cool. His class was always fun, but that fun ended when we heard the news. One of his basketball players came running in the portable to tell the news to his coach and that is when I first heard of the catastrophic event that still, to this day, makes me sick to think about it. We pulled the television in front of the classroom and our jaws dropped as we saw the smoke pouring out of one of the Twin Tours. It seemed so surreal, and I remember feeling as though I were watching a movie. We watched the news in every class that day and I have never felt as sad as I did that day. I specifically remember wondering who would do such a thing, and it angered me so much that feelings of extreme hatred for the heartless, gutless wimp who did began to arise inside of me. I remember thinking how I would have liked to get my hands on one of those terrorists, and I would guarantee that he would have never even thought about terrorism again.


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