“No One’s A Mystery” by Elizabeth Tallent Essay Sample

July 30, 2017 General Studies

“No One’s A Mystery. ” by Elizabeth Tallent. is about Jack and the 18 year-old miss he has been holding an matter with for the past two old ages. They are imbibing tequila and speaking about their hereafter. while Jack drives them in his pickup truck through the countryside of Wyoming.

Jack is a misanthropic adult male who drinks to a great extent. doesn’t clean his truck. and has no obvious regard for adult females. He is presently rip offing on his married woman with a barely-legal miss he has been holding an matter with since she was 16. When he notices his wife’s Cadillac on the route coming toward him in the opposite lane. he pushes the miss down onto the floor of the truck to maintain her out of sight. The girl’s merely reaction to this is listening to the wireless and moonily gazing at Jack through his legs while lying in the rubbish on the floor of the truck. When he’s certain his married woman is beyond ocular scope. he allows her dorsum into the place and commences to state her how certain he is of how his married woman operates. and his current kept woman every bit good. Every clip the girl portions her ideas about their life together. Jack is speedy to come back and allow her cognize that she’s non being realistic.

The struggle comes from their conversation. which is about whether or non they will hold a hereafter together. The miss is convinced that she and Jack will be married with kids within two old ages. She is caught up in the fairy tale of “happily of all time after” . fantasying about the fantastic life they will portion. naive to the ways of the universe. and seemingly. the fact that Jack is already married. Jack is repeatedly countering her remarks with inexorable doses of world. stating her that she will be long gone and will hold forgotten about him by that clip. When she continues unembarrassed. he resumes his cynicism toward her. stating that he likes her version. but believes his ain to be true. This narrative is told from the girl’s first-person point of position. which colors the image of Jack as a prettier image than is true to life. Her distrait ideas besides lend a softer mentality on the events that she is involved in. as if it is all tolerably normal.

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The narrative is set in the summer in Cheyenne. Wyoming. but does non mention specifically to any point in clip. This is because the narrative is a general statement about a stereotyped adult male that is taking advantage of a woman’s rawness and naivete. which the writer is stating happens all the clip. everyplace. Playing on the wireless is a vocal. which is where the story’s rubric comes in. that besides refers to how everyone is cognizable and nil of all time alterations. therefore repeating Jack’s mentality and the subject of the narrative.

The cardinal thought of this narrative is that people live their lives. experience is gained from life. and people are fundamentally predictable. The lone difference is that some people will take advantage of artlessness while others don’t. which is besides non surprising. but will act upon lives otherwise depending on the fortunes.


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