Contemporary best selling management books often argue that customers are the most important element in the external environment. Do you agree? In what company situations might this statement be untrue? Topic 2 Ethics, social responsibility and sustainable development Compare and contrast the utilitarian approach with the moral rights approach to ethical decision making. Why is the utilitarian approach not the best approach to ethical decision making?

Present some of the ways the global multinational companies have been working to attain the goal of sustainable development globally. Topic 3 Strategic planning What is strategic planning? Do small businesses formulate strategic planning? Does strategic planning lead to improved performance in small companies? What are the common pitfalls of strategic planning? Appropriate sources You should refer to at least five management specific sources for this task. At least one of these five sources must be a refereed journal article.

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Do not use Internet search engines such as Google to locate material for this task. Your journal article(s) should come from academic databases (accessed via the library home page) or from hard copy management journals in the library collection. General management textbooks and/or topic specific management books make other suitable sources. Your text (Samson & Daft 2009) should be one of your sources. Appropriate format You may chose to write your essay in true essay format, that is, with no adding or diagrams, or you may write a paper using headings and diagrams. Refer to the General guide for the presentation of academic work under ‘Format and structure’. ) You will be judged on the consistency and correctness of the format you chose. Whichever format you chose you must cite consistently and comprehensively in the PAP style and provide an appropriate title page, abstract or summary and a reference list. Remember to add a signed Plagiarism Declaration Form as well as a submission slip when you submit your essay.



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