Nokia Is The Biggest Cell Phone Company Marketing Essay

The intent of my assignment is to give brief inside informations of NOKIA Company that how the company develop, history and running their section. What is the planning required with client satisfaction and trueness demands with the profitable mode for the company. Theories which I have taken it are from strategic selling, history, background, ownership and administration and chief countries of operation.

At early clip 3 companies were merged and made a platform. In 1967 Nokia Corporation paved the way for Nokia ‘s hereafter. The company belong to responsible so many concern as paper, tyres, personal computing machine, electricity coevals but afterwards president of the Finnish overseas telegram plants decided a different company which name is Nokia ‘s hereafter in telecommunications.

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Nokia produced 2nd coevals Mobile which is called GSM ( Global system for nomadic communications ) which can transport informations every bit good as voice traffic.


Nokia is one of the biggest cell phone and nomadic company in the universe. They are selling and fabricating Mobiles and cell phones. There are a batch of trade names fabricating Mobiles and cell phones, but Nokia cell phones are the leaders of this race. With the figure of assorted theoretical accounts and assortments coming up every twenty-four hours left the confusion in clients mind as to what to purchase. With the market pitching up with new companies in the raid Nokia industries have accepted the challenge and coming up with new engineerings and latest characteristics. Nokia believes in satisfaction of clients and that is the ground of the success and that success of their being the leader in cell phones.


The first century of the Nokia started with the paper mil of Fredrik idestam on the bank of the Nokianvirta River, the topographic point gave Nokia its name. During 1865-1968, the company would go a major industrial force ; but it took a amalgamation with a overseas telegram company and a gum elastic house to put the Nokia Corporation on the way to electronics.

Who was Fredrik idestam?

A excavation applied scientist by trade, idestam brought a new, inexpensive fabrication procedure to Finland Germany.

It was a great success. Invention of idestam won a bronze decoration at the Paris World Exposition in 1867, and he is considered to be the male parent of paper industry of Finland.

Idestam named his company Nokia Ab in 1871.

In 1902 Nokia Ab added electricity coevals to its concern activities.

The move to mobile: 1968-1991

The freshly formed Nokia Corporation was ideally positioned for a pioneering function in the early development of nomadic communications. As European telecommunication markets were deregulated and nomadic webs became planetary, Nokia led manner with some iconic merchandises.

1979: Mobira oy, early phone shaper

Radio Telephone Company Mobira Oy starts life as a joint venture Nokia and taking Finnish telecasting shaper Salora.

1981: The nomadic epoch Begins

Nordic Mobile Telephone ( NMT ) , the first international phone web, is built.

1982: Nokia makes its first digital telephone switch.

The Nokia DX200, first digital telephone switch of the company, turns into operation.

1984: Mobira Talkman launched

Nokia lntroduces the Mobira Talkman portable phone.

1987: Mobira Cityman – birth of authoritative

Nokia lntroduces the Mobira Cityman, the first handheld NMT phone.

1991: GSM- a new nomadic criterion opens up

Nokia equipment is used to do the first GSM call of the universe

Revolution of Mobile:

In 1992, Nokia decided to concentrate on the telecommunication concern. That was likely the most of import strategic determination in its history.

As execution of the GSM criterion grew, new CEO Jorma Ollila put Nokia at the caput of the nomadic telephone industry ‘s planetary boom- and made it the universe leader before the terminal of the decennary.

1992: Jorma Ollila becomes president and CEO

Jorma Ollila becomes CEO and president of Nokia, concentrating the company on telecommunications.

1992: First GSM French telephone of Nokia

Nokia introduces foremost GSM French telephone, the Nokia 1011.

1994: Nokia melody is launched

Nokia introduces the 2100, foremost phone with The Nokia Tune.

1994: universe ‘s first orbiter call

The fisrt orbiter call of the universe is made by utilizing Nokia GSM French telephone.

1997: Snake- a authoritative rabble

The Nokia 6110 is the first phone to have Snake game of Nokia.

1998: Nokia leads the universe

Nokia becomes the universe leader in nomadic phone.

1999: The cyberspace Mobile

Nokia introduces the Nokia 7110, the first WAP French telephone of the universe.

Nokia now: 2000-today

The narrative of the Nokia continues with 3G, nomadic multiplayer gambling, multimedia devices and a expression to the hereafter.

2002: First 3G phone

The first 3G phone is introduced, the Nokia 6650.

2005: Nokia comes with N series

Nokia launches the coevals of multimedia devices, the N series.

2005: The billionth of Nokia phone is sold

Nokia sells its billionth phone – a Nokia 1100- in Nigeria.

2006: A new president and CEO- Nokia today

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo is the new president and CEO of the Nokia and Jorma Ollila is the president of the board of Nokia. Nokia and Siemens think to programs for Nokia Siemens web.

Now Nokia is the fifth most value able trade name in the universe. Nokia Siemens webs starts operations. Nokia introduces a freshly cyberspace services trade name Ovi.


Nokia ‘s three nomadic device concern groups and the back uping horizontal groups are replaced by an incorporate concern section, Devices & A ; Servicess.

Ownership and Administration:

Harmonizing to the commissariats of the Finnish Companies Act and our Articles of Association, “ the control and the direction of the company ( Nokia ) is divided between the stockholders at a general meeting, the board of managers ( or the board ) , the president and the group Executive Board chaired by the Chief Executive officer ” .

Board of managers:

The board of managers decides the affairs which relates to the activities of groups, are important in nature. Such affairs include verification of strategic guidelines, blessing of the periodic programs and determinations on major investings and divestments. The CEO besides appointed by the board, CEO acts as president, the Chairman and the members of the Group Executive Board of Nokia. Nokia board of managers consist of the following 11 members

1 Jorma Ollila

2 Dame Marjorie Scardino

3 Georg Ehrnrooth

4 Lalita D. Gupte

5 Dr. Bengt Holmstrom

6 Dr. Henning Kagermann

7 Olli-Pekka Kallasvou

8 Per Karlsson

9 Isabel Marey-Semper

10 Risto Stillasmaa

11 Keijo Suila

The duties of the board further include supervising the construction and composing of the top direction of the company and monitoring legal conformity and the direction of hazards related to the operations of company.

The basic duty of the members of the Board is to move in good religion and with due attention so as to exert their concern judgement on an informed footing in what they moderately and candidly believe to be the best involvements of the company and its stockholders.

Main countries of operation:

The above pie chart shows that Nokia covers a major portion of Europe which is 36 % this means that Nokia has a figure of clients in Europe. Nokia ‘s 2nd most operating country is Asia-specific which is 22 % that means after Europe, Asia has a batch of Nokia clients an so Greater China 16 % , Middle East & A ; Africa 16 % , Latin America 7 % , North America 5 % .

10A major markets, net gross revenues

will be updated in March







5 916

5 898


3 719

3 684

United kingdom

2 382

2 574


2 294

2 641

Soviet union

2 083

2 012

Dutch east indies

2 046

1 754


1 907

2 124


1 902

1 257


1 774

1 792


1 497

1 830

Beginnings of information:

1 ) Nokia Product Portfolio

Contemporary clamshells, a mega pel 3G WCDMA Smartphone and fashionable mid-range phones

Helsinki, Finland – mid – scope clamshells and merchandises for new growing markets took center-stage today, as Nokia revealed the latest add-ons to its portfolio at the one-year Nokia Connection conference. Held in Singapore and Helsinki at the same clip, the conference besides witnessed the launch of the smallest 3G GSM/WCDMA phone of the universe.

Chairman and CEO Jorma Ollila introduced the merchandises with three clamshell phones and a 3G WCDMA smart phone aimed at conveying 3G to all over the universe. Introducing the merchandise Ollila said, “ We have now sharpened our merchandise portfolio in cardinal countries, conveying new phones to the market in the mid-range, and adding more clamshells to our offering. ” Ongoing committedness of Nokia to growing markets was besides proved, with introduce of two latest color-screen phones tailored for these countries.

Latest Nokia 3G phone, the 6630 featured conspicuously at the conference, fall ining the advantages of 3G, border AND SERIES 60, taking smart phone platform of the universe. The nokia improves personal information direction in 3G WCDMA webs with unafraid internet entree with and e-mail at nomadic with high velocity.

Nokia besides introduced the Nokia 6260 phone, a high-performance concern phone designed for nomadic professionals.A It offers the latest nomadic engineering characteristics and applications, including push to speak, electronic mail, Bluetooth connectivity and a VGA camera in an advanced crease design.

Nokia 6170 is besides an attractive camera phone in the mid-range that combines modern, unstained steel design with high characteristics that emphasize quality of life. Flexibility in messaging option gives more strength of this phone electronic mail, instant messaging, millimeter and push to speak all in one phone.

Scheme of Nokia:

In the field of strategic direction the basic inquiry is how organisations attain and maintain comparative advantage and so accomplish above company-average net income. On the other manus, since both the concern environment and single houses are dynamic systems, invariably in instability, it ‘s a large challenge to acquire a tantrum between these two systems and so accomplish the competitory advantage.

Nokia will authorise everyone to portion and do the most of their life by offering resistless personal experiences

March 2010

The convergence of the Mobile, cyberspace and Personal computer are a world. Consumers do n’t desire merely devices and engineering to be unseeable, they want complete solution. Consumer relationships are the new unit of value in this converged industry as consumers “ consume ” services as they are created.

Our vision of the hereafter

“ Our hereafter vision is now linking people to what matters – whatever that means for each individual – giving them the power to do the most of every clip, everyplace, any clip. Connecting the “ we ” is more powerful than merely the person. That ‘s how Nokia is needed to assist do the universe a better topographic point for everyone. ”

Our scheme

“ We want to be a biggest supplier of nomadic solution. Our scheme of solution leverages one of our greatest assets – a portfolio of outstanding devices, with odd graduated table and geographic range. We couple them with smart services, integrated via an intuitive and seamless user experience. We differentiate these solutions offerings based on our in-depth consumer apprehension, with a strong focal point on societal location ( people and topographic points ) . ”

Generic scheme of Nokia

Mr. David Tang, Vice President of Nokia China, provided us a speedy debut of of all time turning presence of Nokia in the state, and high spots some of the Finnish company ‘s schemes and concentrate in the part.

“ The Nokia China Campus is a aggregation of three nucleus centres, chiefly the Nokia Test Center, the Nokia Design Studio and eventually the Nokia Factory, all interlinked within a individual site that sees the creative activity of a Nokia device from the early paradigm, to the testing and eventually aggregate fabrication. ”

Stakeholders of the company:

There are two types of interest holders

internal stakeholders

external interest holders

Internal stakeholders

“ It is really indispensable to pull off a on the job environment with chances for communicating and feedback. We have to affect employees in regular footing treatments about issues like corporate values, calling development, public presentation direction, diverseness and work-life balance. Some of the channels for treatments with employees include single IIP ( Investing In Peoples ) public presentation direction and calling development treatments, internal online signifiers, studies and issue interviews. These treatments help us interpret thoughts into mundane actions. We highlight corporate duty issues and enterprises on our internal communications channels and through assorted internal communicating runs. We besides include information about the Nokia Code of Conduct and corporate duty in employee initiations and preparation plans. ”

External interest holders

Socially Responsible Investors ( SRI )

In 2008, Nokia took a clasp with the socially responsible investor ( SRI ) community by carry oning route shows and by keeping Corporate Responsibility of Nokia Stakeholder Days. The topics most often raised by socially responsible investors include supply-chain direction, environmental impact, corporate administration and part of Nokia to society.


Product quality, satisfaction with our merchandises and client service are the chief issue for the trade clients and consumers. Twice a twelvemonth we study our clients to mensurate satisfaction degrees. In order to mensurate the satisfaction degrees we communicate with our clients through our online and via call centres services.

Non-governmental organisations

We believe we can maximise our environmental part by working with others in our industry and beyond. Nokia besides organized a seminar on environmental issues and competitory advantages in China with the aid of universe broad financess. “ Nokia besides work with a batch of disablement organisation worldwide, such as the Royal National Institute of Blind People ( RNIB ) , Spanish National Organization for the Blind ( ONCE ) , Hearing Loss Association of America, Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired ( FFVI ) , and European Older People ‘s Platform ( AGE ) . ”


Nokia codification of behavior created in 1997was revised in 2009. It tells how Nokia will act their concern activities with authoritiess.

Harmonizing to the Nokia Code of Conduct, ” Nokia does non supply fiscal support to political parties or other political groups. ”

Nokia believes it is really indispensable to take part of environmental regulations. Nokia and other nomadic phone companies have agreed on familiar patterns about supplying information on the base by energy efficiency of nomadic phone coursers.

Industry organisations

Nokia believes part with others can be the most effectual manner to acquire positive issues. Nokia works in cooperation with other companies on certain issues through a figure of industry organisations. For illustration

“ The Electronicss Industry Citizenship Coalition ( EICC ) : The EICC collaborates with the GeSI Supply Chain Working Group on a figure of different supply concatenation activities “

“ The Global Compact Nordic Network: We participated in the work of the UN Global Compact through its Nordic Network, sharing best patterns and back uping development in the Nordic part ”

Other associations with planetary and regional organisations:

EU CSR Alliance

European Information & A ; Communications Technology Industry Association ( EICTA )

GSM Association ( GSMA )

International Chamber of Commerce ( ICC )

Open Mobile Alliance ( OMA )

World Business Council for Sustainable Development ( WBCSD )

National industry and trade associations:

Brazilian Electrical and Electronics Industry Association ( ABINEE )

Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association ( CWTA )

Communicationss and Information Network Association of Japan ( CIAJ )

Alliance of Finnish Industries ( EK )

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( FICCI )

German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media ( BITCOM )


Technology Industries Finland

US Consumer Electronics Association ( CEA )

US Information Technology Industry Council Environmental Council ( ITIC EC )



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