Nora Sakari Business Background Management Essay

In 2002 the Malayan authorities gave Telekom Malaysia Bhd ( TMB ) , the national telecom company, the authorization to develop the state ‘s telecom substructure. TMB did non hold the engineering and expertness to take on this undertaking and hence called for stamps to help on a five-year undertaking deserving RM2 billion ( 6,305,000.00 $ USD ) , put ining digital shift exchanges in assorted parts of Malaya[ I ]( Lander n.d. ) .

The aims of the undertaking were developed in line with the Malayan authorities ‘s Vision 2020:

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Invest in the digitalization of its web in order to offer services based on the ISDN ( integrated services digitalised web ) criterion ;

Invest in international fiber ocular overseas telegram webs to run into the demands of increased telecom traffic between Malaysia and the remainder of the universe ; and

Facilitate the installing of more cellular telephone webs in visible radiation of the increased demand for the usage of nomadic phones among the concern community in Malaysia.

NoraB Sdn Bdh in and Malaysian family name, one of the taking companies in the telecom industry was established in 1975 with a paid-up capital of RM2 million. Nora Holdings consisted of 30 subordinates, including 2 public-listed companies: Multiphone Bhd and Nora Telecommunications Bhd[ two ]( Bartlett, Beamish & A ; Ghoshal 2008 ) .

Since Nora ‘s constitution they have gained experience in cable-laying undertakings ; fabricating telephone French telephones ; put ining, operating, and keeping payphones in the metropoliss of Malayasia. They besides have experience in administering Apple computing machines ; administering radio-related equipment ; providing equipment to the broadcast medium, civil air power, postal and power governments in Malaysia and ; fabricating automotive parts[ 1 ]( Weblog 2008 ) .


Sakari Oy was established in 1865 in Finland and began as a mush and paper factory production company. In the sixtiess they expanded into the gum elastic and overseas telegram industry[ three ]( Bartlett, Beamish & A ; Ghoshal 2008 ) .

In 1975 they entered into the computing machines, consumer electronics, and cellular phones industries through a series of acquisitions, amalgamations and confederations.

In 1979, a joint venture between Sakari and Vantala, was develop to increase and fabricate nomadic telephones and gained a big per centum of the universe. These markets are European including the United Kingdom, Malaysian, and Thailand for the production of nomadic phones and nomadic phone French telephones.

In 2001, Sakari was Finland ‘s largest publicly-traded industrial company and derived the bulk of its entire gross revenues from exports and over-sea operations.

In January 2003, Nora Holdings SDN Bhd submitted its proposition for TMB ‘s RM2 billion contract to provide exchanging exchanges back uping four million telephone lines.

Nora felt that was eager to procure this proposition because of the fiscal addition, but most significantly it was due to the added benefit of obtaining the cognition in exchanging engineering from its partnership with a telecom Multi-National Cooperation ( MNC ) .

There were many grounds Nora and Sakari were interested in each other ; to go joint ventures. Nora chose Sakari because they were internationally recognized company, they had particular proficient cognition and expertness ( SK33 ) ; and Sakari was the taking telecom company in Europe that has had experience with utilizing high engineering to enable a little state to hold a fast turning economic system. Nora was looking to making the same in Malaysia ( Weblog 2008 ) .

Sakari besides had many grounds to take Nora Holding because they could derive entree to knowledge and new engineering, Nora ‘s capableness to perforate South-East Asia markets, Nora was looking to spread outing their R & A ; D, Nora had tonss of experience working long term with the Nipponese companies and culturally different dialogues. Besides Nora already has experience with provision and distributing ; moreover they were awarded a licence from the UK to sell their merchandises in South East Asia every bit good as 8 other markets ( Bartlett, Beamish & A ; Ghoshal 2008 ) .

Nora and Sakari Oy met 20 times for the period of a twelvemonth. The cardinal points of dialogue were: equity ownership, engineering transportation, royalty payments, exiles ‘ wages and fringe benefits and arbitration

The grounds why the dialogues did non happen into a joint venture:

1. Difference in civilizations ;

2. Difference in direction manners ; and

3. Inability of both parties to compromise on cardinal issues

Question 1 ) Why have the dialogues failed to ensue in an understanding? Is the formation of the JV the best option for both companies to accomplish their several aims? ( Hint: See the motive of each company )

To guarantee that Nora fulfils the footings within the TMB contract, a joint venture with Sakari must foremost be successfully negotiated. The dialogue procedure has yet come to an understanding due to the dissension over legion issues refering the development of the joint venture. The overall grounds for the unsuccessful consequence of the dialogue procedure are that they both have different aims, conflicting ends, and motives and transverse cultural miscommunication issues. The dissensions of aims are based in the countries of equity ownership, engineering transportation, royalty payments, and deport issues. The conflicting ends of both companies were focused on the future developments of both the companies.

However, there are several benefits mentioned in the instance that ab initio motivated the two companies to organize a joint venture. In Sakari ‘s position, the motives came in the signifier of come ining a new market in Southeast Asia, while to Nora they were more motivated by Sakari ‘s telecom engineering and the chance of utilizing this engineering in the hereafter.

With the context set, the grounds why the dialogues did non happen into a joint venture involved the undermentioned grounds:

Difference in civilization

Difference in direction manner ; and

Inability of both parties to compromise on cardinal issues.

With the aid of Hofstede ‘s Value Dimension there are a figure of issues that hindered the two companies from making a common understanding. In Table 1.1 a value dimension theoretical account is used to compare Finland ‘s values to those of Malaysia ; as a consequence the theoretical account shows a difference in significance ( by about 50 % ) in each dimension. ”[ 2 ]

Table 1.1 ( Datas: Hofstede/ITIM International )

In conformity to the diagram the darker shaded parts represents Malaysia whilst the igniter parts represent Finland.

Using Hofstede ‘s Cross Cultural Communication matrix it demonstrates how the power of individuality and uncertainness turning away played a major function in the dislocation of the dialogues[ 3 ]. Both companies failed to place the cultural differences that affected the manner the dialogue was approached.

Table 1.2 Individualism and Collectivism[ 4 ]

Malaysia ( Nora )


Finland ( Sakari )


Individuality is one whose people are expected to develop and expose their single personalities and to take their ain associations, while Bolshevism is the extent to which persons are more likely to work in groups[ 5 ].According to Postpone 1.2 Malaysia has a much greater focal point on the group with a evaluation of 63 on the Hofstede ‘s matrix in footings of how individualised the society is. This evaluation means that Malaysia is a high context society where leading within the group is of import. This is shown apparent in the instance where at one point the top Malaysian directors did non go to some of the dialogues, until the close terminal of the meeting before the procedure broke down. Without top direction involved, lower degree Malayan directors within the dialogue procedure felt weakened by the loss of their leading[ 6 ]. On the other manus Finland scored a evaluation of 26. Peoples in Finland are more focussed on the development of individualistic character and accomplishments. As a consequence the Finnish direction squad relied less on leading and more on the thoughts of each other being applied within the dialogue procedure. The consequence of this direction being applied to the dialogue procedure led to one of their employees being sent place because he was “ perceived as highly chesty and insensitive ”[ 7 ]and perchance endangering the less leading in Malaysia[ 8 ].

1.3 Uncertainty Avoidance Index[ 9 ]

Malaysia ( Nora )


Finland ( Sakari )


The following dimension that the companies differed on was the uncertainness turning away. The uncertainness index inside informations how tolerant a states direction is to uncertainness ( miniru ) . In this dimension, Nora was more likely to take hazards involved in set uping a joint venture. They were responsible for the initiation of the mill ( fabricating ) every bit good as operational ( managerial ) offices, while maintaining the company in good footings with the authorities[ 10 ]. In contrast, Sakari ‘s higher uncertainness turning away made it more hard with the dialogues because of the drawn-out jobs with engineering transportations and equity ownership distributions between companies.

Last, another major part to the unsuccessful understanding between the two companies was that Sakari negotiants were non as experienced and non every bit prepared as those stand foring Nora. This is apparent in the instance, where there was a deficiency of full support at Sakari central office in Finland every bit good as the deficiency of research on the Malayan cost of life that should hold been done by Sakari[ 11 ].

Question 2 ) As Zainal, what would you make to guarantee that Nora fulfils the TMB contract?

There are three options that Zainal can take in order to carry through the TMB contract:

Accept Sakari ‘s footings ( which are unsustainable )

Forget JV with Sakari and see other spouses

Re-negotiate – expression for a win-win solution

For Zainal to accept the footings proposed by Sakari, it would enable them to subscribe the trade, and travel frontward with the delivering of the 800,000 telephone lines for TMB as set out in the 5 twelvemonth contract. They would besides hold the chance to larn from Sakari ‘s engineering, although Sakari would merely give them limited entree.

The cons for Nora, if they were to follow the petitions of Sakari, would be to give up on what they wanted out of the dialogue. Since Nora had already agreed to do extra investings, such as edifices and a shift works, they would negociate royalties of merely 2 % . However, if Sakari got their manner, royA­alties would be higher, at the rate of 5 % proposed by the Sakari negotiants. Nora ‘s return on investing would therefore be less than the coveted 10 % if royalty rates exceeded 3 % of net gross revenues. Giving in to a 5 % royalty rate, would be one of the major ruins for Nora. Furthermore, the wages and benefits would be much higher than originally anticipated, since the criterion of life in Finland is much higher than in Malaysia.

Another disadvantage for Nora would be the location for difference declarations. The arbitration procedure would take topographic point in Helsinki, following the norm normally practiced by the Finnish house, alternatively of in Kuala Lumpur, as Nora had preferred. Since the bulk of the stakeholder in the JV was Nora it was hence much preferred to hold the arbitraA­tion procedure occur in its place state.

In footings of the engineering transportation, Nora preferred to hold the shift system developed at the JV Company in Kuala Lumpur, so that Nora could get the root of the exchanging engineering. If Nora submits to Sakari ‘s petitions to merely supply the JV Company with the basic construction of the digital switch, Nora will non hold entree to the nucleus of the engineering it so needs.

A 2nd option for Zainal to see in order to finish the TMB contract is to non accept the JV and look for a new partA­ner. From Nora ‘s position, the benefits of this action would be that they could happen a company that have similar involvements in the Fieldss of wages and benefits, which would do it a batch easier for Nora to strike a trade.

On the other manus, the losingss to Nora would besides be significant. Nora and Sakari had really similar involvements in R & A ; D, with both companies believing that it was one of the most of import subdivisions for a company. Having a partnership together, the two would concentrate more on research and development, and have the possible to accomplish great consequences.

Furthermore, by stoping dialogues with Sakari, Nora would hold to adamantly seek for a new spouse. Companies such as Siemens, Samsung and Lucent could be possible spouses ; nevertheless, the picks available are non as attractive since the solutions offered by each company were n’t as customized, adaptable and compatible. This could turn out hard, and potentially a batch more work than merely compromising with Sakari.

The 3rd option to see would be to go on dialogues with Sakari in the hopes that they can do certain via medias sing each company ‘s aims and petitions. With a valuable high growing chance in the South East Asiatic market, the JV Company could be a hub to come in these markets for Sakari, which would be of immense benefit to them. Although the company lacks local cognition, Sakari could larn from Nora and take advantage of the fringe benefits associated with being a first mover in the part. Since the opportunities of acquiring the UK contract were rather low, it would be advantageous for Sakari to see the partnership with Nora. Nora in bend would profit from the extenA­sive engineering cognition that Sakari could convey them.

Question 2 ) Should Zainal reach Kuusisto and renegociate or non? Justify your reply.

Yes, Zainal should renegociate with Kuusisto. It would be of benefit for Zainal and Nora to hammer attempts to renegociating the JV contract with Kuusisto and Sakari as clip is of the kernel as seeking for a new spouse may be hard every bit good as perchance fruitless. It was about a twelvemonth into the four twelvemonth TMB understanding and a joint venture had still non materialised. This would go forth Nora with about four old ages to finish the undertaking. There is possible for a batch more trouble, excess clip and work to be put in the procedure of seeking for a new spouse for the joint venture instead than compromising and renegociating the trade between Nora and Sakari.

There are benefits in accepting a joint venture partnership as Nora would derive from the extended technological cognition that Sakari would convey Forth. Sakari already has low opportunities of procuring contracts with the UK and hence would besides profit from the trade as they would be enabled the concern chance to come in into Asian-Pacific market.

Renegotiation between Nora and Sakari would necessitate via medias on behalf of both parties involved. Both parties have a competitory advantage that both parties should recognize with each other and catered for. “ Nora [ is ] a taking provider of telecommunicaA­tions ( telecom ) equipment in Malaysia. ” ( Ainuddin 181 ) whilst Sakari is a really advanced niche market provider of digital switches, and attributes their old sucA­cess to extensive research and development. Sakari would be deemed as the drive force behind the technological development of the JV whereas Nora is renowned as a strong force in Malaysia for their expertness. Together, the strengths of both these entities, a big sum of gross could be actualised.

The affairs needed for treatment, in order to make a in-between land for each affair, include the cardinal points of equity ownership, engineering transportation, royalty payments, exiles ‘ wages and fringe benefits, and arbitration.

In footings of equity ownership, Nora owns the advantage in this spectrum due to their current concern place in Malaysia, along with their close dealingss with Malayan authorities functionaries. Sakari was naming for 49 per cent of the equity portion which is excessively high, as Sakari was non supplementing any pecuniary value towards the start-up cost of the operations. However, Nora ‘s offer was besides really low. A better and fairer suggestion would be for Sakari to offer a 40 per cent portion of the equity ownership per centum and for Nora to retain an equity ownership of 60 per cent in the JV.

Technology transportation is a sensitive point for Sakari as it the of import and strategic footing to what is valuable about their company. A via media should be enabled where Nora allows Sakari to maintain the technological production of the switches in house, and accept Sakari ‘s assembly and installing agreement as Sakari possesses the most and needed experience in building the digital switches.

Royalties should be compromised towards Nora ‘s suggested program, as Nora has compromised the most so far. Sakari would be having side benefits from the JV ‘s entree to Japanese engineering utilised in the assembly of the SMD constituents which is more sophisticated and developed than Sakari ‘s current engineering. Sakari accepting 3 per centum of net gross revenues would continue the polar demand of Nora ‘s petition of 10 percent return on investing.

Expatriate wages and fringe benefits should amend harmonizing to the conditions of Kuala Lumpar. Nora had research the cost of life disbursals in Malaysia and had devised a salary and perks bundle that was just and catered to the demands of employees of Sakari and for the location of the JV.

For arbitration, research must be conducted sing arbitration regulations between the authorities ordinances of each state. As an unsophisticated and straightforward solution that reaches in-between land, the parties could hold to manage their arbitration affairs on a geographical point that is situated between Helsinki and KL, such as Switzerland.



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