This novel is about two girls who are brought together by faith, but faiths name is Dr.dileo brought them together to peer counseling is because they both have not serious but bad family problems. And he thinks that if these two talented people talk together for a while then their problems may be solved. But things got off at a bad start!!.

Antonia has straight A’s and she never gets into any trouble. She doesn’t take drugs or smokes. She’s not a social butterfly and she has hardly no friends. Her stress level goes up because of things happening at home. Her grades have been falling, her friends have been betraying her. And she thinks that things can’t go more wrong until she meets Jazz her new peer counseling partner.

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Jazz is a smart student but the teachers don’t take her serious. When Antonia first sees her she thinks that Jazz is a punk or a druggie because her hair is purple and her clothes are original. Her and her parent’s always argue about every little thing that comes to mind. She is very popular and has lots of friends. In her private life she likes to play the piano and she is in love with her piano teacher. .

I think the moral of this story is never judge a book by its cover. That means if you see somebody who is gothic or disabled don’t judge him or her for how they look. Because if you do then I think you”re the one that’s disabled. You don’t even know their name or their personality or what they like as a person.


What I like about this story was that it had some true meaning in it. And it was very emotional because there were sad parts and there were LOTS of happy parts and others were depressing. It also tells you about life and why it’s worth living it.

Well I think that Jazz and Antonia have a lot in common, like they both like piano. There both good at peer counseling. They have family problems, and are both very talented. .



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